8Bitdo has just debuted a new retro-themed Bluetooth controller that is small enough to fit within the palm of one's hand.

8Bitdo Unveils Tiny Zero 2 Controllers

8Bitdo released a wide range of controllers at E3 this year. These gadgets combined retro style gaming inspired by devices like the original NES, Famicom and Game Boy systems, with modern functionality.

However, the product that drew most attention was the Zero 2 controller. The Zero 2 is a miniature Bluetooth controller that is so small; it can fit on a keychain. Billed as the "world's tiniest and most powerful wireless bluetooth controller," the Zero 2 will be available for purchase later this year.

Design And Colors

8Bitdo has retained the same design for Zero 2 as its predecessor. The original Zero gamepad also includes a directional pad, four action buttons, shoulder triggers, and a couple of function buttons. It was as streamlined and compact as a controller could get, and was quite comfortable to hold too.

The controller's ergonomic design and affordable pricing made it one of 8Bitdo's most popular gamepads, so it's understandable why the company wouldn't want to stray away from a design that already works.

The Zero 2 will be available in five different color options: red, blue, yellow, green, and white. The "classic" color scheme suggests that 8Bitdo is clearly trying to stir up some serious Nintendo nostalgia with a device that mimics a Super Nintendo controller.

Motion Control, Nintendo Switch Support

The Zero 2 might look familiar outside, but the accessory maker made notable improvements on the inside. The gamepad is compatible not only Windows, MacOS and Android devices but also with Nintendo Switch.

Despite its miniature size, the Zero 2 possesses all the capabilities of a full-sized controller, including motion control support, so, it functions pretty much like the Nintendo console's Joy-Cons.

However, the absence of an analog stick means that the Zero 2 is probably not the best controller to use for most Switch games. With the slew of classic Nintendo titles arriving this fall, it does serve as a decent alternative to the Joy-Cons for retro gaming.

Pricing, Release Date, Other Releases

Although no price or final release date has been announced, 8Bitdo said the Zero 2 controllers will ship this fall and will retail at around $20.

Along with the Zero 2, 8Bitdo also released new versions of its two other existing controllers: the N30 Pro 2 and the SN30 GP, and a new SN30 Pro+ controller.

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