The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers: Is 'Super Smash Bros.' Coming Next?


The Nintendo Switch update that took its firmware to version 4.0.0 continues to surprise owners of the hybrid console with another quietly added feature.

Gamers have discovered that the Nintendo Switch now supports Nintendo GameCube controllers, possibly hinting at what the hybrid console has in store for its owners in the near future.

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Support

With the update to version 4.0.0, Nintendo sneaked in GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch. The feature has been confirmed through various tweets and threads on the official Nintendo Switch subreddit.

To connect a GameCube controller to the Nintendo Switch, gamers will need the GameCube adapter that was previously released for the Nintendo Wii U. Once connected, players will simply have to tap on the L and R buttons to have the console detect the controller. Up to four GameCube controllers at a time can be connected to the Nintendo Switch.

Gamers should be warned, however, that the GameCube controller is not really a perfect one for the Nintendo Switch. Without a home button and one of the left shoulder buttons, it will not play nice with some games that require full use of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. However, for those who already own a GameCube controller and its adapter, adding it to the compatible accessories for the hybrid console is a great bonus.

Is 'Super Smash Bros.' Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

The addition of GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch might look like a small thing for some gamers. However, for fans of the massively popular fighting series Super Smash Bros., the new feature hopefully means that the game is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. players love to use GameCube controllers for the fighting game, which is why there is an adapter to make the controllers compatible with the Nintendo Wii U in the first place. The series is also arguably the biggest Nintendo franchise that has not yet been announced for the Nintendo Switch, so now fans are hoping that the game will arrive soon to the hybrid console.

Another possible explanation for the quiet addition of GameCube controller support to the Nintendo Switch is that the Virtual Console, another long-requested feature, is set to be released for the hybrid console.

Nintendo recently listened to gamers with the addition of save data transfer and video capture features, along with the quiet addition of wireless USB headphone support. Nintendo Switch owners are now hoping that the company continues its run and soon announces Super Smash Bros. or the Virtual Console for the device.

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