2019 Honda Insight Review Roundup: Does It Hit The Spot?


Honda revisits its hybrid car production and introduces the 2019 Insight. Car experts take it for a spin to see if it is a worthy successor.

Honda's Hybrid History

The Japanese carmaker takes another shot and reveals the third-generation model from the series. The latest look is a far cry from the previous two generations that showcased odd design choices.

Reviewers note that the first release looks like a strange 2-seater hatchback, which came with side skirts that covered its rear wheels.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer's second attempt is noticeably too similar to the Toyota Prius, which made it seem like a copycat effort. On the other hand, its CRZ lineup received praises for its bold and sporty body. It appears that the folks from the design team finally know what buyers want.

To make up for its past errors, Honda combines elements from its Civic lineup and proves that it can produce an attractive new hybrid vehicle.

Road-Worthy Features And More

Reviewers recognize some of the influences that come with the 2019 Honda Insight. Its performance reportedly follows the same blueprint with the Clarity Plug-In and the most recent Accord Hybrid model.

It sports a 1.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gas engine rated at 107 horsepower and 99 lb-ft of torque. This is paired with a 120 horsepower traction motor with a torque rating of 197 lb-ft.

The engine arrangement gives the vehicle an estimated combined output of 152 horsepower. Acceleration is primarily delivered by the traction motor, which means the gasoline engine normally works as a power generator for its electric counterpart.

Feedback from those who have driven the hybrid reports strange sensation wherein the acceleration does not match the noise produced by its gas-powered engine. However, other than the odd experience, they confirm that the traction motor is quite responsive.

Additionally, its estimated 55 mpg efficiency and 4-door sedan setup apparently contribute to its charisma.

A look inside the cabin shows a mix of plastic and leather for its embellishments. An infotainment system dominates the center of the dashboard and depending on the trim, includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM, and other features.

The digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel is customizable to show information such as energy flow, trip data, and navigation.

Trims, Price, And The Verdict

Honda offers the 2019 Insight in three trims, the LX for $23,725, the EX for $24,995, and the premium Touring version at $28,985. Overall various reviewers agree that the third-generation hybrid is a worthy successor to the series.

The common complaint shared by experts is its engine performance, which is supposedly a little underpowered.

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