OnePlus 6 Users Report Battery Drain Issues Following Oxygen 5.1.8 Update


The latest OxygenOS update was meant to fix minor issues and add new features to some OnePlus devices, but is instead giving users battery-related headaches.

Last week, OnePlus recently started pushing out the over-the-air update for the latest version of OxygenOS (5.1.8) to OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, and the older OnePlus 3 and 3T devices. 

The update was intended to fix minor bugs, and introduce new features to enhance stability and call quality. The new update also took care of the bootloader vulnerability issue faced by OnePlus 6 users. However, it is somehow causing the phone's battery to drain faster and causing the handset to heat up.  

OnePlus 6 Users Complain About Battery Draining

Several OnePlus 6 users have taken to OnePlus forums to complain about the battery drainage and overheating issues on their devices. They're claiming that without changing their daily routine, the battery life on their OnePlus 6 devices has become half of what it used to be after the latest OS update.

"With this latest update 5.1.8 the phone is not working as expected the battery is draining as well as the phone is heating up so please look into it immediately and release the patch or fix as soon as possible," one user wrote on the forum. 

They also reported a strange issue with the phone completely shutting down even when the battery is well within the 50 percent-plus range. It starts working just fine once the charger is plugged in but it's a pain, nevertheless. Some users also started experiencing lags and freezing issues with the phone's camera thanks to the software update.

OnePlus 3, 3T Users Also Affected

The new update has not only spurred complaints from OnePlus 6 users but also OnePlus 3 and 3T users. OnePlus 3/3T owners also complained about battery drainage and pointed out that their devices shut down abruptly without displaying the low battery warning at 15 percent. 

Users who have been affected by the latest update are now looking for ways to downgrade to OxygenOS 5.1.6, which was rolled out just a few days after the release of the OnePlus 6.

Although OnePlus has not yet acknowledged the issue, users can expect an update to arrive soon to fix the battery drain. Until it does, if you haven't yet upgraded to the OxygenOS 5.1.8 yet, it is advised that you hold off until OnePlus releases a fix. 

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