The world's strongest coffee is headed to the International Space Station. It will launch into space on June 28 aboard SpaceX CRS-15.

Contains 200 Percent More Caffeine Than Regular Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is billed by its producer as the strongest coffee in the world for its high caffeine content and intense flavor.

The coffee company said that the blend contains 200 percent more caffeine compared with standard coffee, which could give astronauts the added punch that they need while working at the space station.

"Death Wish Coffee is the world's strongest coffee with the highest-caffeine content available, resulting in a buzz that blows other coffees out of the water," Death Wish Coffee described the product.

"And because we've taken the time to source fair-trade, USDA-certified organic coffee beans and refined our roasting techniques, we've created a high-caffeine coffee with low acidity that tastes good, too."

Specially Packaged Death Wish Coffee For Astronauts Aboard The Space Station

The company is sending crew members of Expedition 56 a special freeze-dried version of the coffee packaged in the same foil packets used by astronauts for other beverages including normal-strength coffee.

Death Wish coffee is normally sold in 1-pound bags of whole and ground beans as well as in K-Cups, but the space-bound coffee is specially packaged by NASA in astronaut drink pouches.

Death Wish said that the coffee is designed to caffeinate astronauts aboard the ISS sans sacrificing the texture, flavor, and potency of the coffee.

Mike Brown, the founder of Death Wish Coffee, revealed about the plan to provide the world's strongest coffee to astronauts aboard the orbiting laboratory in a statement dated June 6.

"We couldn't think of a better way to showcase the smoothness and strength of our coffee than by providing the crew aboard the International Space Station with an easy-to-make blend that will keep them on their feet," Brown said in a statement.

Coffee And Coffee Machine For Astronauts Working In Microgravity

Coffee is a staple aboard the ISS as early as 2000, the year the first batch of crews arrived at the orbiting lab.

Astronauts and cosmonauts can choose from caffeinated or decaf instant coffee. Kona blend with just sugar or powdered cream or both already mixed in are also available.

The space station received its first coffee machine in May 2015 with the arrival of the Lavazza and Argotec ISSpresso.

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