Pokémon GO Cheaters Will Be Perma-Banned After 3 Violations


Niantic Labs released its Three-Strike Discipline Policy against Pokémon GO cheaters, continuing its missions to keep the playing field fair in the popular mobile game.

The developer has cracked down on Pokémon GO cheaters since the mobile was launched in July 2016. Niantic Labs' policy, however, finally puts the campaign into writing.

'Pokémon GO' Anti-Cheating Policy: You Get 3 Chances

In a Pokémon GO support page, Niantic Labs detailed its Three-Strike Discipline Policy against cheating in the mobile game. The developer clarified that cheating is defined as behaviors that violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and Trainer Guidelines, such as GPS spoofing to falsify a player's location and using unauthorized methods to access Pokémon GO clients or backends.

According to Niantic Labs, the first strike will serve as a warning to Pokémon GO players who decided to cheat in the game. Players who receive their first strike should not ignore it and make sure that they do not repeat their offense. After receiving a strike, Pokémon GO players will not be able to meet a rare Pokémon in the wild and may be excluded from receiving EX Raid Passes for seven days.

Pokémon GO cheaters who are caught a second time will receive a suspension. Suspended players will not be able to access their account for 30 days after getting strike two.

If Niantic Labs catches a Pokémon GO cheater for the third time, the account will be permanently banned. The developer said that players will be allowed to appeal for the reversal of banned accounts.

Niantic Labs, however, mentioned that the three-strike policy applies to most infractions. Some misbehaviors automatically result in perma-bans without prior warning, though the developer did not specify what kind of actions would lead to an instant permanent banning.

Cheating in Pokémon GO will make the game easier, but players will be risking their accounts if they do it. What is the point of gaining an advantage over other Pokémon GO players, when the perks of the account, as well as possibly years of progress, will likely be taken away due to a ban?

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