Fortnite players who want to earn some extra cash on the side might want to think about becoming Fortnite trainers, as some parents are paying as much as $20 per hour to have their kids tutored on the massively popular battle royale game.

Some parents may be concerned that that their children may be victims of Fortnite addiction, which is now recognized as a mental health disorder. However, apparently, some parents are pushing their kids even further toward Fortnite, which celebrated its first anniversary in June with 125 million players worldwide.

Parents Paying For 'Fortnite' Coaching Of Kids

A Wall Street Journal report looked into the practice of parents paying Fortnite coaches to help their children get better at the battle royale game. Apparently, some parents did not mind whether the title was violent nor how much time their children spent playing Fortnite. They simply want their kids to win at the game.

Players who believe they have what it takes to teach Fortnite for money have started taking advantage of the trend. Fortnite coaching services have started popping up in contracting websites and in social media, with an estimated 1,400 Fortnite tutors hired since early March.

Parents are reportedly paying about $15 to $20 per hour for skilled Fortnite players to give their children tips, or in some cases, $50 for training sessions that last three to four hours. The money that players can make will not be enough to make them quit their full-time jobs to focus on Fortnite coaching, but it is a good amount for additional income.

In addition to kids getting Fortnite tips to alleviate the social pressures of being good at the game, some parents are also trying to get in on the action, playing with their children and forging a unique bond over the quest to take home chicken dinners.

There has been some backlash against hiring Fortnite coaches, but the criticism against the practice is baffling. It is no different from parents paying for private lessons for almost any other activity, but Fortnite tutorials are getting a bad reputation for no solid reason.

Fortnite Mobile For Android Release Date

Parents, meanwhile, should not only be concerned on whether or not their children are good at Fortnite but also on the security of the platform where they are playing the game.

In particular, Fortnite Mobile for Android is finally coming soon, first as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive before being made widely available. However, there are rumors that Fortnite Mobile will not be downloaded through the Google Play Store, opening up the possibility of installing fake versions of the game filled with malware.

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