Blizzard did not only confirm that it is working on a Diablo project, but that there are multiple projects on the popular RPG franchise in the pipeline.

The latest major Diablo III update was the Rise of the Necromancer pack, which launched in June 2017. It has been over a year since then, so Diablo fans are getting hungry for news on what Blizzard has planned next for the series.

Multiple 'Diablo' Projects In Development

Earlier this year, a cryptic tweet by Blizzard hinted Diablo III may be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game has been confirmed for the hybrid console by sources, but Blizzard has still not made an official announcement on the Diablo III port.

Meanwhile, in June, Blizzard confirmed that a new Diablo game was in development though a job listing on the company's website. It was unclear, however, if the open position was for Diablo IV, or for the Diablo III port.

Apparently, both Diablo projects may be in development right now. In a video, community manager Brandy Camel said that there are "multiple Diablo projects" in progress for Blizzard.

"Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year," Camel said.

It may be safe to guess that one of the projects that will take longer than others is Diablo IV, and that one of those that may be shown within the year is the Diablo III port for the Nintendo Switch.

What other Diablo projects could there be, aside from these two? Perhaps there is a Diablo mobile game in development, which will look to take advantage of the money that people are spending on smartphone games. There may also be remastered versions of the original Diablo and Diablo II in development, following Blizzard's decision to release StarCraft: Remastered.

However, until Blizzard makes an official announcement, all these Diablo projects are nothing more than speculation.

Will Blizzard Make 'Diablo' Announcements At BlizzCon 2018?

Gamers expected Blizzard to announce something about the Diablo series at E3 2018, but they were disappointed by the time that the annual video game event ended.

However, it would make sense if Blizzard decided to hold off on the Diablo reveals until an event where it will not be sharing the spotlight with other developers and publishers.

The annual BlizzCon will start on Nov. 2, and Blizzard will not get a better chance to reveal the Diablo III Nintendo Switch port, Diablo IV, or something entirely different.

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