Ubisoft is following the trend of porting games to the Nintendo Switch, with 2014 titles Child of Light and Valiant Hearts: The Great War heading to the hybrid console before the year ends.

However, while two Ubisoft games have been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, another Ubisoft project is being shut down, namely Steep.

Nintendo Switch Ports For 'Child of Light' And 'Valiant Hearts' Coming Soon

Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are both four years old, but they will both be welcome additions to the Nintendo Switch gaming library, as announced by Ubisoft through a blog post. This is especially after the GameCube and Wii U proved that Nintendo's consoles need more than first-party games to succeed.

Child of Light is an RPG platformer that follows the story of Aurora, a girl from Austria in 1895, who suddenly finds herself in the kingdom of Lemuria. The game has a fairy tale vibe, watercolor-style graphics, and calming soundtrack combine with side-scrolling action and unique turn-based combat for an unforgettable experience.

Shortly after Ubisoft's announcement, creative director Patrick Plourde tweeted an image of Child of Light running on the Nintendo Switch. Eagle-eyed gamers, meanwhile, were quick to point out a piece of paper on the table behind the hybrid console. The text is obscured, but it surely reads Child of Light II, teasing the game's sequel.

The other game announced by Ubisoft, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, is a plot-driven game set during the events of World War I. The story revolves around five characters, as well as a playable dog named Walt, and uses a comic book aesthetic to deliver a powerful message on war and its effects on life.

Child of Light will arrive to the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 11 while Valiant Hearts will launch on Nov. 8. There is no indication if the games will be digital-only releases, or if there will be physical versions.

No More 'Steep' For Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft may have confirmed two new games for the Nintendo Switch, but one previously announced title will no longer happen for the hybrid console.

Steep, the open-world extreme snow sports game, was part of the Nintendo Switch reveal event in January 2017, shown alongside titles such as Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. Those games have since been released, but Steep is still nowhere to be found.

The plan to bring Steep to the Nintendo Switch has been stopped, according to a tweet by the game's official account. Instead, its developers will focus on live content and challenges for the current versions of Steep on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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