A recent Nintendo Direct presentation revealed several details about the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, but it also sent the internet to an uproar over the apparent death of Luigi.

The presentation revealed new fighters, including Castlevania's Simon and Richter Belmont, Donkey Kong Country's King K. Rool, Fire Emblem's Chrom, and Metroid's Dark Samus. However, most of the attention has been on Luigi's death and how it may be linked to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate single-player mode.

Dying Characters In 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Trailers

Nintendo stunned the world last week with its Nintendo Direct presentation on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where Castlevania's version of Death apparently killed Luigi by slicing his spirit out of his body. Luigi's demise follows what appeared to be fatal outcomes for Mario and Mega Man as well, in the trailer that revealed Metroid antagonist Ridley as a playable character.

Known for its family-friendly games, Nintendo does not usually depict death in its trailers. Why then have Luigi, Mario, and Mega Man, three of the company's most iconic characters, killed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cinematics?

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Single-Player: What Is Spirits Mode?

The apparent deaths of Luigi, Mario, and Mega Man may be hinting at the mysterious mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the name of which was blurred out in the recent Nintendo Direct presentation.

However, Twitter user "l'attardé" was able to decipher the pixilation and came up with the word "Spirits."

Gamers are now wondering how the deaths of the characters and their spirits, as seen in Luigi's demise, will play a part in the Spirits mode. The generally accepted theory, however, is that it will be a single-player mode, similar to Adventure Mode and Subspace Emissary from previous Super Smash Bros. titles. Will players be rescuing the souls of characters so that they will be unlocked in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster?

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Limited Edition Bundle

The single-player Spirits mode is just one of the many things that fans of the brawler series are looking forward to in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo also recently revealed that there will be a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition bundle that comes with a physical copy of the game, a Super Smash Bros.-themed Nintendo GameCube controller, and a USB adapter to plug up to four Nintendo GameCube controllers to the Nintendo Switch.

The Limited Edition bundle will be available on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date, which is currently set for Dec. 7.

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