PUBG Mobile Celebrates 100 Million Downloads With Two Massive eSports Events


PUBG Mobile publisher Tencent Games has announced that the famous battle royale game has surpassed over 100 million downloads.

In celebration of the amazing milestone since its release just four months ago on Google Play and App Store, Chinese company Tencent, together with PUBG Corporation, is organizing two big eSports events for its users.

About Player Well Known Invitational

The first event, Player Well Known Invitational on Aug. 17, will have 16 of the most popular streamers and YouTubers compete in over two days. The event will be streamed on Facebook, Twitch, and on the official PUBG channel on YouTube.

PWK Invitational will also feature other famous personalities such as Melonie Mac, TSM Viss, Grimmmz, STPeach, and Chocotaco. Fans can check the PWK website to vote for their favorite squad leader and be rewarded 1,000 free BP.

Many of the streamers are popular for playing PUBG on PC. PUBG Mobile is a small-screen version of the popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds from the same corporation. The battle royale game was inspired by military-shooter style. Additionally, the game gathers hundreds of players on an island where they would attempt to outlast one another and win by eliminating other opponents.

This is why the competition would be an amazing way to see how the PUBG PC participants play on a small screen. Although it is a friendly competition, PUBG fans are excited to find out who will ultimately get the title.

Sensor Tower, an intelligence firm, has reported that PUBG has earned more than $50 million since they translated the game from Xbox One and PC to iOS and Android. The mobile game was released last March 19.

PUBG World Championship

Another event announced by PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games is the first ever Player Well Known Championship. The worldwide tournament will be the best battleground for players to combat themselves out in the qualifiers, preliminaries, regional, and world finals.

To join, players just need to have at least 1,000 followers on social media and three people who play PUBG Mobile to fill the team. Although the company has been keeping some details secret, it has divulged that one of its championship rewards is access to promotional resources for streaming.

The opportunity to access this would serve as a great way for online creators to grow their following on various social media platforms.

On the other hand, Apptopia, a data-tracking service, has revealed that Fortnite, PUBG's competitor, reached the 100 million download milestone in late July.

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