Hurrican Lane, which is now considered a Category 4 typhoon, is heading dangerously close to the islands of Hawaii.

Hurricane Lane Heading To Hawaii

On Monday, Aug. 20, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center warned that Lane, which continued to intensify, might shift its path and turn toward the island chain later this week.

"In this scenario, Lane will begin to make a gradual turn to the west-northwest on Wednesday, with a more decided turn toward the northwest on Thursday," the hurricane center said via Hawaii News Now. "After this point, the track and intensity forecast become increasingly uncertain, as a bulk of the model guidance is depicting interaction between Lane and the terrain of the islands.

Lane was last spotted about 468 miles southeast of Hilo and 670 miles southeast of the capital, Honolulu. It is moving west at 12 mph, according to meteorologists.

The hurricane, by Monday evening, had maximum sustained winds near 150 miles per hour, making it a Category 4.

Prepare For The Worst

While it will be difficult to predict the damage that the hurricane could cause when it reaches the shores of Hawaii, experts warn residents to brace for the worst. Excessive rainfall, strong winds, and monster surf are expected throughout the weekend.

A high surf advisory has been in effect to the east-facing shores.

There is, however, a silver lining if the hurricane turns toward Hawaii. The warmer water temperature and weak wind shear will likely weaken Lane.

"Warm waters and a somewhat favorable wind shear environment should allow Lane to remain a Category 3 or 4 hurricane with winds of at least 115 mph through Wednesday," said The Weather Channel. 

Still, authorities are urging residents to be ready for impact by having food and first aid kits at home and discussing emergency plans with family members before the hurricane makes landfall.

The city of Honolulu has also already made efforts to clean blockages from streams and other waterways to prevent flooding. Beach parks have also been closed in advance to the public in anticipation of the hurricane.

Hurricane Lane arrives two weeks after another Category 4 hurricane, Hector, which sustained winds of 140 miles per hours, almost hit Hawaii. It nearly brushed the southern part of the island where Kilauea, an active volcano, is situated.

CNN adds that hurricanes rarely make landfall in the Hawaiian Islands. Since 1959, only two named hurricanes and two tropical storms have directly hit the state.

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