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Shark Attack Kills California Man Thomas Smiley Who Was Bitten While Swimming Off Maui Coast In Hawaii

Thomas Smiley was unconscious and missing a leg when he was rescued and brought to the shore. He later succumbed to injuries, which authorities thought were likely caused by a tiger shark attack.

Animals May 27, 2019

This Is How Missing Hiker Amanda Eller Survived Two Weeks In Hawaii Forest

Maui hiker Amanda Eller went for a three-mile run in the woods and found herself lost for 17 days. Here's how she survived without food, water, and even shoes for more than two weeks in the wild.

Life & Style May 27, 2019

American Tourist Contracts Rat Lungworm In Hawaii After Eating Slug On A Dare

Three tourists from the mainland contracted rat lungworm while visiting Hawaii. One contracted the illness after eating a slug on a dare. How does the parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensis infect humans?

Public Health May 26, 2019

Man Seriously Injured After Falling From Cliff Into Kilauea Volcano Caldera

A 32-year old soldier lost his footing and fell into the caldera or cauldron-shaped crater of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii. The man survived, but he suffered serious injuries.

May 3, 2019

Third Case Of Rat Lungworm Confirmed In Hawaii

Hawaii announces the third confirmed case of rat lungworm disease on the island in 2019. Find out more about this parasitic infection that can cause a rare type of meningitis in patients.

Public Health April 28, 2019

Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Thought Extinct Rediscovered By Drone

A Hawaiian hibiscus flower long believed to be extinct was rediscovered during a drone survey. It was in a small colony of three individuals, growing on an inaccessible cliff face.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2019

Meet Black Hole Powehi, The Embellished Dark Source Of Unending Creation

M87*, the first black hole to be photographed, now has a nickname. The cosmic object was named Powehi, which also means 'adorned fathomless dark creation,' in the Hawaiian language.

Space April 14, 2019

Arby's Will Send You To Hawaii But You Can Only Stay For 6 'Sandwich-Filled' Hours

There will be 10 lucky winners who will get a chance to be featured in a marketing video shoot for Arby's in Hawaii. Those who want to join must register on the fast-food chain's website starting April 12.

Life & Style April 13, 2019

Hawaii Could Be First US State To Completely Ban Flavored Vaping Products

Hawaii proposed a bill that will ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette liquids that are popular among young users. The bill aims to control the rising number of teens who vape.

Public Health April 1, 2019

Here Are The Healthiest And Most Challenged States In 2018, According To A New Report

Which of the states are the healthiest and which are the most challenged? Hawaii nabbed the number one spot in 2018 after dropping to number two in 2017.

Feature | Health December 14, 2018

Latest Eruption Kilauea's Biggest In 200 Years

Three months after the volcano's eruption, scientists released data from this summer's major event. The eruption, which started in May, lasted for three months and completely changed the landscape of Hawaii.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2018

Tiny Octopus Found Among Pile Of Marine Plastic Trash Off Hawaii

A tiny baby octopus was found among the plastic marine debris collected by scientists while conducting coral reef monitoring. Experts believe it might be a day octopus or a night octopus, and both of those can grow to pretty large sizes.

Animals October 28, 2018

Hawaiian Islands Could Face Wrath Of Hurricane Lane In The Next Few Days

Category 4 Hurricane Lane might be headed to Hawaii this week to bring rain, strong wind, and monster surf to the island chains. The authorities urged the public to prepare for extreme weather condition later this week.

Earth/Environment August 22, 2018

New Whale-Dolphin Hybrid Discovered By Scientists In Hawaii

What makes the scientists' August 2017 observation in Hawaii so unique? They discovered a new hybrid species that's a mix of the rough-toothed dolphin and the melon-headed whale.

Animals July 28, 2018

Lava Bomb Injures 23 People Aboard A Hawaii Boat

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii continues to rage. This time, when its lava hit the water, it caused an explosion that sent a lava bomb flying to a nearby boat, injuring nearly two dozen sightseers.

Earth/Environment July 17, 2018

Hawaii Bans Popular Sunscreens For Their Coral-Damaging Ingredients: Here’s What To Use Instead

Hawaii just banned sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate for their coral-damaging effects. Here are alternatives available, namely mineral sunscreens that can also be used on babies and toddlers.

Earth/Environment July 10, 2018

Hawaii First State To Ban Sunscreens With Coral Reef-Harming Ingredients

Some groups praise Hawaii's move to ban sunscreens with coral reef-harming chemicals while others criticize it. There are still other ways to protect the skin from UV rays even without such products.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2018

Some People Claim That Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Is Causing It To Rain Green Gems

Some residents in Hawaii are claiming that it is raining gems from the sky because of the volcano eruptions. Scientists confirmed that it is actually a substance found in the lava.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2018

Hawaii Becomes First US State To Ban Widely Used Pesticide Harmful To Children

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has signed Senate Bill 3095, which bans the use of pesticides that cause reduced IQ and developmental delays in children. Chlorpyrifos is the most commonly applied conventional insecticide in the United States.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

NASA Captures Images Of Kilauea Volcano Spewing Gas And Lava In Hawaii

NASA was able to capture a huge plume of ash erupting from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. Scientists used satellite imagery to be able to capture the eruption as it happened.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2018

Scientists Not Sure Why Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupted And When It Will Stop

Experts' continued efforts to study the recent eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii's Big Island suggest more eruptions are on the way. Fissures release toxic gases, which keep residents away from their homes.

Earth/Environment May 10, 2018

Hawaii Bans Sunscreen Chemicals Harmful To Corals: What To Know About Safe Sun Protection

Hawaii cracks down on sunscreen chemicals that are harmful to coral reef and marine life. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that can protect the skin from harsh sun exposure.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 5, 2018

Hawaii Lawmakers Ban Sunscreen That Contain Chemicals Harmful To Coral Reefs

Hawaii residents and tourists might need to read their sunscreen labels carefully. Lawmakers hope to pass a ban on sunscreens that contain harmful chemicals that could be toxic to the environment.

Earth/Environment May 2, 2018

These Spiders Evolved In Similar Ways Even If They Were Far Apart And Had Different Genes

In different islands all over Hawaii, there are spiders that have evolved independently into similar colors despite not being closely related. A new study explains why this is.

Animals March 9, 2018

Hawaii Bill Seeks To Regulate Loot Boxes Including Barring Sale To Those Under 21

Loot boxes are a sore spot for gamers after all the controversy were caused by popular games late last year. Hawaii is now seeking to regulate the practice with a new bill.

Video Games February 15, 2018

Worker Who Sent Hawaii Missile Alert Thought It Was A Real Attack

New information about the Hawaiian false missile alert has surfaced. The worker who sent out the alert thought that there was an imminent attack on the state.

Viral January 30, 2018

Japan Goes Through False North Korean Missile Alert Similar To Hawaii

Japan faced a false alarm announcing that a missile strike was imminent. While it wasn't from the government like the Hawaii incident, the alert came through a public broadcaster.

Defense January 16, 2018

Hawaii LGBT Couples Push For Equal Access To Fertility Therapy Available To Heterosexual Couples

Sean Smith and his husband paid more than $20,000 for a fertility procedure for which, under Hawaii state law, married heterosexual couples have the right to financial help. The LGBT community is now lobbying for equal access to fertility treatments.

Public Health April 10, 2017

Gallup-Healthways Annual Well-Being Survey: Here Are The Happiest And Healthiest States In The US

Hawaii topped the Gallup-Healthways 2016 state well-being rankings. Here are the other states whose residents are deemed the happiest and healthiest in the United States.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 2, 2017

WATCH: Powerful 'Waterfall' Of Lava Gushes Into Pacific Ocean

A powerful 'waterfall' of lava continues to gush into the Pacific Ocean from a crack on the side of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. Tourists and hikers alike flock to the scene to witness the spectacular lava flow.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2017

Scientists Start Living In Hawaii Dome That Simulates Life On Mars

As part of a human behavior study that could assist in long-term space exploration and the planned Mars mission by the 2030s, a group of scientists enters an isolated Hawaii dome under the HI-SEAS project.

Space January 20, 2017

Fifth Mock Mars Mission Ready To Launch In Hawaii

The Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation is geared up for its fifth Mock Mars mission in Hawaii. A crew of six members will take part in the drill, which starts on Jan. 19.

Space January 13, 2017

3 Endangered Hawaiian Crows Found Dead Weeks After Release Into Wild

Animal conservationists in Hawaii are investigating the death of three Hawaiian crows recently released into the wild as part of a breeding program. The birds have been extinct in the wilderness of Hawaii since 2002.

Animals December 29, 2016

New Coral Reef Fish Species Found Only In Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Named After President Obama

A new species of coral reef fish has been named after President Barack Obama. The naming of the Tosanoides obama acknowledges Obama’s initiatives in the preservation of the natural environment.

Animals December 23, 2016

Search For Life On Mars: Scientists Simulate Two-Week Mars Mission Around Hawaii's Mauna Ulu

A team of scientists will begin training around Hawaii’s Mauna Ulu this week as part of NASA’s search for Martian life. The two-week experiment is set in Hawaii because of the region’s ideal conditions for research.

Space November 7, 2016

Bees Among 49 Plant And Animal Species In Hawaii Added To Endangered Species List

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated 49 species of animals and plants to endangered status. Of these, 48 are endemic to Hawaii including the seven species of yellow-faced bees.

Animals October 4, 2016

Obama To Build World's Largest Ocean Reserve Off Hawaii

On Friday, the White House announced plans to expand an iconic marine reserve off the coast of Hawaii to protect marine species. President Barack Obama will visit the protected area to draw more focus on conservation.

Earth/Environment August 26, 2016

400-Year-Old Petroglyphs Unearthed On Hawaiian Beach

One July evening, two tourists strolling on a Hawaiian coast accidentally stumbled upon something fascinating. The tourists discovered curious carvings believed to have been made by Hawaiian indigenous people.

Ancient August 11, 2016

Hawaii Volcano Cracks Mysterious Grin Amid Historic Eruption

For the first time in several years, lava released from the Kilauea volcano has reached the Pacific Ocean — and the volcano is leaving a smile in its wake.

Earth/Environment August 1, 2016

Drone Technology Helps NOAA Scientists Study Whales Off Hawaii

Gathering data on whales and dolphins is often difficult because scientists have to be careful not to disturb the marine animals' behavior. Can the use of drone technology improve research?

Animals July 31, 2016

Hawaii County Opens Emergency Road For Visitors To View Lava Flow

Tourists can now witness the lava flow oozing from Kīlauea after Hawaii County officials opened the emergency access road to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for sightseeing. The road is open to visitors from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2016

Traditional Canoe Sails Around The World Without Motor

A Polynesian crew is sailing the world without a motor on board a double hull traditional canoe called the Hōkūleʻa. The goal is to increase awareness of the Native Hawaiian culture and to demonstrate how the seas connect us all.

Feature | Culture June 10, 2016

Sponge Size Of Minivan Spotted In Deep Sea

The world's largest sponge has been spotted in the waters off Hawaii. What do we know of these strange, ancient creatures?

Animals May 27, 2016

Tiger Sharks Prefer Swimming Near Maui: How To Avoid Potentially Dangerous Shark Encounters

Researchers have found that tiger sharks often swim around territories in Hawaii where human recreational activities take place. How can we avoid potentially dangerous shark encounters in these areas?

Animals May 24, 2016

Study Reveals Why Sharks Bite More People In Hawaii

Researchers discovered that tiger sharks prefer to stay in waters around Maui because of the abundant food supply in the area. However, this causes an increase in shark attacks on the island since the area is frequented by beachgoers as well.

Animals May 22, 2016

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