Facebook-owned Instagram finally clarified how users can apply to receive verified status on the photo-sharing app, which is represented by the blue check mark.

The Instagram blue check mark was previously a mystery to most users. The process on getting verified status has now been thoroughly explained, alongside the release of other Instagram security features to protect the social media platform's users.

How To Get That Instagram Blue Check Mark

Instagram accounts with verified status have been pretty rare, and the process to get one has been unclear. That will now be changing, as an official Instagram blog post revealed how users can apply to get the elusive Instagram blue check mark.

To apply for verified status on Instagram, users simply need to access their profile, head to Settings, and then tap on request verification. Instagram will then request for the user's account name, full name, and legal or business ID. Instagram will then notify users if their request is approved or rejected.

Not everyone who applies will get verified, as Instagram will evaluate accounts based on authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability. Authenticity means whether the account represents a real person or company, while uniqueness means that there should only be one Instagram account per person or business, and that it should not be a general interest account. Completeness checks whether the Instagram account is public, with a profile photo, a filled out bio, and at least one post. Instagram noted that accounts should not have links to add the user in other social media services.

The toughest thing to pass is notability, as Instagram users who want the blue check mark will need to be a "well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity." It will not hurt to try, though.

New Instagram Features

In addition to the Instagram verified status, which helps users make sure that popular accounts are legitimate, the app will also start supporting third-party authenticator apps for two-factor authentication, which should make the feature more appealing to users.

High-profile Instagram accounts will also have a more comprehensive Account Info section so that users will know more about the people and companies that they follow on the platform.

Other newly released features for Instagram include allowing users to see if their friends are active through status indicators in the app's direct message section and showing users the amount of time spent on Instagram.

A recently reported new Instagram feature being tested is targeted at college students, who will be able to connect with their schoolmates through communities on the social media platform.

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