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The Google Titan Security Key, Now Available For $50, Will Protect Your Online Accounts

Google boasted that none of their employees have been victimized by a phishing attack since they were required to use physical security keys. Google's own version of the device, the Titan Security Key, is now available on the Google Store.

Google September 1, 2018

Here's How You Can Apply For Instagram Verified Status

Instagram has rolled out several new security features to protect its users. One of the new things on the photo-sharing platform is the clearer process for applying for verified status to gain the elusive Instagram blue check mark.

Apps/Software August 29, 2018

Make Your 'Fortnite' Account More Secure, Get The Boogie Down Emote For Free

'Fortnite' is arguably the hottest game in the world right now, which makes it a big target for hackers. Epic Games is urging players to make their accounts more secure, and is offering a free emote in exchange.

Video Games August 24, 2018

Google Makes Two-Factor Authentication A Piece Of Cake

Google updated its two-factor verification system to encourage iOS users to rely on its service. The authentication program is now integrated into the Gmail app and includes additional information about sign-in attempts.

Google April 22, 2018

Facebook Apologizes For Two-Factor Authentication Fiasco, Claims It Was A Bug: How To Protect Your Account

Facebook has now clarified the issue surrounding accounts who have received unwanted text notifications. The company claims that a two-factor authentication bug caused the spam messages.

Security February 18, 2018

Facebook Is Using Your Two-Factor Authentication Info To Send You Spam Messages

A handful of users have now complained about Facebook apparently exploiting their two-factor authentication phone numbers to send spam notifications, but it gets worse than that.

Apps/Software February 15, 2018

Reddit Adds Second Layer Of Security With Two-Factor Authentication

After thorough beta testing with Reddit users, moderators, and third-party app developers the company has brought a new security feature. Users will be able to keep their account safer with two-factor authentication.

Internet January 27, 2018

Instagram Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For All Users And Can Now Blur Sensitive Photos

Instagram rolls out two-factor authentication and blurs sensitive photos. New announcements are made from the social media site for a safer and friendlier use of their platform.

Apps/Software March 24, 2017

Like McDonald’s, You Could Fall Victim To Hacking: Tips To Protect Your Twitter Account

Twitter has always been an easy target for online privacy breaches, given the large size of its users and the ease at which tweets can be spread. Here are the steps to keep your Twitter account secure.

Security March 17, 2017

WhatsApp Finally Pushes 2-Step Authentication Out Of Beta: Here’s How To Enable It Now

One of the most popular messaging apps just got more secure. WhatsApp has now officially rolled out a two-step verification feature for all its users, which was first introduced last fall but only for beta builds.

Apps/Software February 10, 2017

Facebook Introduces Security Keys To Help Users Keep Hackers At Bay

Facebook has added the use of physical security keys to protect your accounts from hackers. The new authentication method is not mandatory but experts recommend it to those who want protection even from the most advanced hacks.

Internet January 27, 2017

Simple Yes Or No: Google Prompt Two-Factor Authentication Now Available On Android And iOS

Google’s two-step verification process will be made easier and efficient for users on a busy schedule. The new update will prompt users signing in on a different device with a 'Yes' or 'No' option instead.

Google June 22, 2016

Instagram To Fight Hackers With Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram is finally about to offer better protection to its users this year by rolling out a two-factor authentication. Find out more about the new security feature Instagram is testing out.

Apps/Software February 17, 2016

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication For An Extra Secure Amazon Account

Amazon users can now use the two-step authentication process upon logging in to their account. The company launched the new feature in a move to provide an enhanced security measure for users’ accounts.

Internet November 20, 2015

Twitch Gets A Security Boost With Two-Factor Authentication

Twitch just stepped up security, but the streaming service's new two-factor authentication is optional. On the subject of options, Authy is an option for the new verification system.

Video Games November 10, 2015

Dropbox Adds U2F Security Keys To Boost Security: Now, Don't Lose That USB Key

Dropbox has just released support for USB keys as an option for two-factor authentication. Users can still fall back on pins if they need to do so.

Internet August 14, 2015

Salesforce Acquires Mobile Authentication Firm Toopher

The cloud platform makes another acquisition to boost its mobile security arsenal.

Deals April 2, 2015

Slack Hack Prompts Two Factor Authentication

Slack adds another step to its authentication process as it recovers from the massive attack on its central database. The company behind the team chat service also released a team-wide kill switch.

Internet March 30, 2015

Slack Technologies Hacked: 500,000 Emails Exposed

Slack Technologies has been hacked, exposing up to 500,000 users' personal information, including phone numbers, email addresses, Skype IDs and anything else that users may have entered.

Business March 28, 2015

Financial Regulator Warns New York Banks of Armageddon-Type Cyberattack

With cyber threats emerging left and right, a financial regulator believes it's only a matter of time before cyber attackers take a concentrated aim at financial institutions.

Business February 27, 2015

Apple Brings 2-Step Verification To iMessage And FaceTime: Tough Luck Hacking Now

The voice calling and messaging services are now better protected against potential hacking incidents. iCloud users who also use FaceTime and iMessaging will find the new security layer primed to go.

Apps/Software February 15, 2015

Apple Boosts FaceTime and iMessage Security With Two-Step Authentication

Apple adds an extra layer of security for its video calling and messaging apps. However, a lot is still left to be done.

Apps/Software February 13, 2015

Twitter Rolls Out Digits, Phone Number-based Log-in for Web

Twitter has officially launched its first strike in the war against passwords with its phone-number based login for the web.

Internet January 26, 2015

Your Apple iCloud is now protected with two-factor authentication

Apple has now activated two-factor authentication for the iCloud, after a hacker was able to extract nude pictures of celebrities through their iCloud accounts.

Internet September 19, 2014

Tumblr now with two-factor authentication option: Here's how to turn it on

Tumblr has taken an addition step to ensure user account protection. It is nothing new but better late than never.

Apps/Software March 25, 2014

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