Airstream Trailers Are Popular Again, Apparently


Like everything else in our society, travel is going high-tech these days. Whether it's new upgrades to the Tesla Roadster or a car from Google that drives itself, it seems like we are getting closer and closer to travelling like The Jetsons.

While there are many people looking to take their travel beyond the 21st century, there is apparently a strong contingent that wants to slow the hustle and bustle of the world down a bit and go back in time to the simpler days before Facebook, selfies and viral videos. Some of these people are investing in Airstream trailers to help them do that.

When I think of Airstream trailers, I think of the whole family piling into one and travelling down Route 66 in like 1952 or something. Or, a John Waters movie. Either way, my visions of Airstream trailers always take place in the past or are ultra-kitschy.

However, it looks like Airstream trailers are receiving newfound popularity these days, so much so that the company is reportedly having trouble keeping up with the demand. The Associated Press recently took a look at the more than 80-year-old company, and according to the feature story, trailers are backlogged about three months and shipments for 2014 are expected to be up by more than 8 percent. Reasons for this resurgence include an improving economy, a huge number of nostalgic Baby Boomers and just a love of the vintage vehicle, according to The Associated Press. I would venture to say that the rise in hipster culture may have had something to do with Airstream's growing popularity, too.

The first Airstream trailer was built by Wally Byam in 1929. Two years later, the first Airstream factory opened in Culver City, Calif. Since then, the Airstream trailer has become an essential part of American pop culture, which helps explain how our love affair with the iconic vehicle has endured through the decades. An Airstream trailer served as a "mobile quarantine unit" for the Apollo 11 trio upon their return from the moon and appeared in Hollywood blockbusters like Independence Day. Matthew McConaughey even had one, so you know it's got to be cool or at least part of a Renaissance. 

As more technological advances are made and our society continues to become more dependent on new technology, it seems likely that there will always be people out there who are nostalgic and long for the days when life wasn't so complicated by these constant changes. Airstream trailers are a way to escape for those that need it.

Image: John Shepherd / Flickr

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