Christmas day has passed and several folks are getting ready to do away with their Christmas tree. Usually, a person burns his or her Christmas tree after they are done with it, but there is another alternative since fire can spread to homes or wild bushes.

Instead of burning the tree or getting rid of it by throwing the thing in the woods, why not allow it to be consumed by goats. This is a great idea, because from what we've come to understand, Christmas trees are healthy meals for plant eating animals.

A firefighter in Nevada who goes by the name, Vince Thomas, is the man who came up with the idea to feed goats with the trees instead of throwing them away, or sending them to the fire. The idea came to him one day when he threw his weeds away for burning, and when he returned, there was nothing left to burn since the goats ate almost everything.

Today, Thomas is encouraging people to donate their Christmas trees to local goat herders and keep away from possibly causing a deadly fire. 

Now, from the video we have seen, it is clear that the goats enjoy taste of Christmas trees, or Pine trees to be correct. They get down on these trees without a care in the world, so clearly this is a wonderful idea and we hope that everyone gets involved. 

We have to wonder though, if Pine trees can be consumed by goats without any health problems, then why can't other animals such as cows and horses do the same? This should be a possibility, and someone with the know-how should do the necessary research to find out if Pine trees are safe to be eaten by cows, horses, and any other farm animal. 

If the research comes back positive, then not a single person would have a single reason to burn a Christmas tree or to throw them away in a dumpster. 

For now, we can only hope that what Vince Thomas has started will become a worldwide phenomenon in the coming years ahead.

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