Meet The Sphero Bolt: A Programmable Robotic Ball That Wants To Teach Kids To Code


Colorado-based startup company Sphero unveiled the Sphero Bolt on Monday, which is an upgraded version of the classic Sphero and the Sphero Spark+.

The Sphero Bolt is built in with an 8 x 8 LED screen, which displays data and words in real-time. In addition, the Sphero Bolt, which bears resemblance to the SPRK+ is now available for $149.99.

Sphero Bolt Is Loaded With Ample Features

Other than its 8 x 8 LED display, Sphero Bolt is also equipped with a 360-degree infrared communication that makes it easier for multiple devices to talk regardless of their position. It also marked the first time for Sphero to come up with a gadget that lets multiple robots to interact.

The company reiterated that up to five Bolts can communicate with one another within a five-meter radius. The baseball-sized rolling toy is also armed with a couple of Bolts that display Pac-Man ghosts and instance.

Likewise, the Sphero Bolt is girded with a magnetometer, which makes it quicker for the users to control the device manually. Additionally, the company's newest gadget also comes with cardinal directions that can be used as an actual compass.

The Sphero Bolt also supports Bluetooth Smart technology and a scratch-resistant waterproof shell. It is also arrayed with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that promises users with more than two hours of juice for a six-hour charge.

Sphero Hopes To Bounce Back

Adam Wilson, CCO of Sphero, mentioned that their primary goal of releasing the product was to teach kids while playing. It can be brought to mind that Sphero shifted to education after suffering a rocky year, wherein it had to let go of 45 staff members.

"We realized if we put a lot more energy into getting things perfect, we'd probably get a better return on them. Last year and the few years before, we did four or five product a year. It was hard on our company and hard on all of us. It was too much time to make it all work just right, because we're perfectionists. So we're going to just focus on a few products and get them to be spectacular," Wilson explained.

Apart from the said features, the Sphero Bolt is also decked with an ambient lighting sensor that can be employed by users in a number of tricks. Moreover, the Sphero Bolt is programmed using the Sphero Edu app for Windows, Kindle, iOS, Chrome, Android, and Mac.

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