Music Producer Suge Knight Given 28 Years After Pleading Guilty To Manslaughter


Suge Knight, the co-founder of Death Row records pleaded no contest to the manslaughter charge filed against him. Knight was involved in a hit and run incident.

The 53-year-old ran over two men after an argument had happened on the set of NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton in a burger stand in Compton, Los Angeles. This occurred in January three years ago.

Knight and Bone Sloan, a consultant on the film, had been fighting before Knight clipped Sloan and ran over Terry Carter. Carter, a businessman, died from the injuries that he sustained.

Suge Knight's Case

A video of the incident showed the rap icon driving his pick-up truck into the entrance of the restaurant where the film was shot. However, after he had talked with Sloan, Knight backed up his car and knocked Sloan to the ground. After which, he reversed and crashed his car again. This knocked Sloan for the second time and hit Carter as well.

After a day, he then surrendered to the police. According to the music producer's lawyers, he acted on self-defense and left the scene where armed attackers were present. Despite this claim, Sloan has denied that he was carrying a gun at the time.

The rap mogul was charged with attempted murder, murder, and hit and run after he had left the scene of the incident. His sentence is the result of the deal he struck with prosecutors. If he did not plead guilty, his sanction would have led to a life sentence.

28-Year Sentence

During the hearing, the music producer answered no contest when Judge Ronald Coen about his plea. Knight, considered as an icon in the rap music industry, will be sentenced on Oct. 4. He is also set to begin his 28 years in prison.

The state of California only has a maximum penalty of 11 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. However, his serving time was doubled due to previous convictions. Knight's deal resulted to 22 years in prison on the voluntary manslaughter count.

However, another six years were added because he committed a third strike violation. Additionally, he had denied the judge's report of one of his previous strikes. Because of this, tension built up in the courtroom for a while.

Knight co-founded a record label with Dr. Dre of NWA in 1991. However, the label declared bankruptcy and was sold for $24 million at an auction. Furthermore, he was also jailed in 2003 and 1997.

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