Actress and activist Jane Fonda's response to the global #MeToo movement has garnered cheers from fellow women across the world.

Jane Fonda Supports #MeToo Movement

The 80-year-old said that she was shocked by the movement's force that has managed to shake Hollywood. According to her, she never imagined that she would live and see the movement take life.

She added that for the #MeToo movement to be effective, it has to be inclusive to those who survived abuse even outside of Hollywood. It must put priority in equal pay to empower women in the grassroots and center intersectionality.

"Guys are trying to make a comeback and they haven't done the work," the actress said, proving the lack of empathy she feels for those who committed abuse.

She even mentioned the efforts of Charlie Rose to get back into the industry. Apparently, Rose got fired by PBS and CBS after he had faced charges of sexual harassment.

Fonda said that the time the perpetrators have been out of work does not matter at all. If they have not done it, she does not see a reason for them not to come back. In fact, she still believes that the perpetrators can still return to the world but she recommended that they should not be easily let off the hook.

Despite this, she said that she has great compassion for men although it is needed for them to be fixed and be showed what the proper way is.

"'Oh, poor top-paid executives who can't get his job back,'" Fonda said, who then garnered applause from the audience, including her dear friend, Gloria Steinem, also an activist. "Sweep the floor at Starbucks until you learn! If you can't learn, you don't belong in the boardroom. And there are plenty of women who do belong in the boardroom."

A New Documentary

The iconic celebrity made her comments during a luncheon for Jane Fonda in Five Acts, a new documentary directed by Susan Lacy. The event was held on Sept. 20 at Manhattan's The Pool restaurant. The film highlights five periods of her professional and personal life.

During the occasion, Fonda and the director had a 40-minute long Q&A session moderated by Paula Weinstein, Tribeca's Enterprises's executive vice president. The chat gave Fonda a chance to prove that she still has not lost her candor.

In fact, she did not hold back in speaking about the Time's Up movement and #MeToo movement. Notably, the veteran actress gives her support for both groups.

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