YouTube Back Online After Outage Makes Internet Freak Out


YouTube video service went down late Tuesday night for more than an hour, sending the online community into a tizzy. It, however, managed to get back on its feet quickly.

Those visiting the hugely popular video streaming/upload site were greeted by "500 Internal Server Error" message, with an amusing assurance that "A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation."

Though Google was silent on the issue, YouTube itself acknowledged the problem, which affected not only the main YouTube service but also YouTube TV and YouTube Music, on Twitter and assured that it would be resolved soon.

After nearly an hour, the problem was resolved:

YouTube, however, did not explain what caused the issue.

Some YouTube users still complained that they were unable to watch any recorded shows on YouTube TV. YouTube later apologized, saying there was a "miscommunication" and the issue has now been fully resolved.

Don't Call 911

This is not the first time this year that YouTube services suffered downtime, but the length of the downtime created a buzz on the web and prompted the Philadelphia Police Department to tell people not to call emergency services just to report about the outage. The department also sent out some very hilarious tweets:

Oh that YouTube's back online, time for me to get back to cute kittens and puppies videos.

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