Controversial Startup Ambrosia Offers Adults Young Blood Transfusions As Anti-Aging Therapy


A controversial startup offers intravenous infusions of young blood to adults as an anti-aging therapy. They now have several locations in the country that offer the treatment for a pretty hefty price.

Ambrosia Startup

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood that contains proteins crucial to overall health. Typically, only people who have liver failure, severe burns, or severe infections receive plasma transfusions, but the case is not the same for a controversial startup that’s offering the service as an anti-aging therapy.

It was three years ago when Jesse Karmazin founded Ambrosia, the startup that offers adults 30 years old and above with intravenous plasma transfusions from donors between 16 and 25 years old. Now, the company is up and running, and already has sites in Omaha, Los Angeles, Tampa, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Houston.

Evidently, many people posed their inquiries after the company put up its website in the fall, which eventually led to the formation of a waiting list. And that’s even if the company is offering the service for $8,000 for 1 liter of young plasma, and $12,000 for 2 liters of young plasma.

Plasma Infusions

The company conducted a clinical trial back in 2017 to see what happens when older people are injected with young plasma, and they say that the results were positive although they have not yet released the said results to the public.

That said, there is so far no scientific evidence to suggest that plasma infusions work as an anti-aging therapy. However, the Food and Drug Administration does approve blood transfusions so it's likely that the company is using it “off-label,” meaning that an FDA-approved drug or procedure is being used for unapproved use.

As mentioned, plasma transfusions are typically used in patients with certain conditions, and the company does state in its website that it is a medical treatment.

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