Apple has just rolled out the second developer beta of iOS 12.2 on Monday, and some AT&T subscribers who have installed this update are already reportedly seeing the controversial "5G E" icon on their iPhones.

Back in January, some Android users under AT&T also experienced the same thing: a 5G E icon appeared on their phones. Unfortunately, it's not true 5G yet, as the first batch of 5G phones won't be ready until later this year. Apple won't have one until 2020, at least according to market forecast.

5G E On iOS 12.2 Beta 2

The latest iOS beta has got a few new things up its sleeve, such as four new animated emojis and a tweaked lockscreen. However, it apparently brings more than just new animojis and other lockscreen updates.

According to a previous report from MacRumors, the misleading 5G E icon can also be seen in the latest iOS 12.2 beta, and now, several Twitter users are also seeing the fake 5G branding on their iPhones after the update.

Just to be clear, only some users in specific areas where AT&T's 5G E network is available can see the badge. It doesn't erase the fact that it's still not the real 5G, but in the carrier's defense, it clarified that it's the "first step on the road to 5G."

What Is 5G E, Really?

5G E stands for 5G Evolution, according to AT&T. Technically, it's not yet 5G — hence coined by some media outlets as "fake 5G." It's basically just an improved version of the existing 4G network (LTE-A), with "peak theoretical wireless speeds" of up to 400 Mbps in capable devices.

For a while, other carriers made fun of AT&T's fake 5G icon. To be fair, the 5G E network are also currently used by other service providers, but it was not masqueraded as a misleading icon in users' devices.

AT&T's 5G Evolution network is available in over 400 markets, and it's expected that more will be added to the list as the true 5G network slowly rolls out in the near future.

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