Apex Legends Rakes In 50 Million Players In A Month


After Respawn Entertainment did a surprise launch for Apex Legends in early February, the game has been reaching milestone after milestone when it comes to player base.

Now, just four weeks after going live, Apex Legends' player count is now at 50 million.

50 Million In 30 Days

Titanfall developer's battle royale shooter was officially launched on Feb. 4, after a week full of rumors and speculations. In its first eight hours, the game attracted 1 million players, which shot up almost threefold at 2.5 million for its first day and a total of 600,000 concurrent players. Apex Legends became a hit on Twitch as well, where it nabbed the top spot and reached a peak of 500,000 viewers.

This number went further up when Apex Legends surpassed another milestone after three days, recording a total of 10 million players.

At 30 days young, it seems there's no stopping the new battle royale's immense popularity. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella shared in a tweet that Apex Legends already has 50 million players after a month of going live.

In contrast, Apex Legends competitor Fortnite took more than just 30 days to reach 45 million players. The Respawn title, despite being a newcomer, is already going at a quicker pace as compared to the Epic Games battle royale. In fact, Apex Legends' current player count is already about a quarter of Fortnite's player base.

'A 10-Year Game'

While others say that Apex Legends is the Fortnite killer, the Epic Games title is nowhere near its end. However, how long can Apex Legends go on?

Mackey McCandlish, Respawn's design director, said that the studio plans to support Apex Legends for at least 10 years more.

"We want this to be a ten-year game. It's egotistical to say that; they said the same thing when they made Destiny. And with League of Legends, they say: 'How do we make this something people play forever, not something that trails off a bit over the next ten years?'" McCandlish said in an interview with VG247.

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