Respawn On 'Apex Legends': 'We Want This To Be A 10-Year Game'


Respawn Entertainment has a huge goal in mind for Apex Legends, its relatively new battle royale shooter.

Of course, it's still far from the status that the likes of Fortnite and PUBG has achieved, but it's definitely one of the most talked-about games as of late. As evidence to that, it got 2.5 million of unique players on its first 24 hours and reached the 10-million mark in only 72 hours.

Is 'Apex Legends' Here To Stay?

Despite the immense popularity of Apex Legends as a newcomer, it's difficult to say how long it can stay relevant in the gaming scene down the line. At any rate, the Titanfall developer has high hopes for it.

Speaking to VG247, design director Mackey McCandlish said that the studio will continue to support the game and hope to do so for 10 years at the very least.

"We want this to be a ten-year game. It's egotistical to say that; they [Bungie] said the same thing when they made Destiny. And with League of Legends, they say: 'How do we make this something people play forever, not something that trails off a bit over the next ten years?'" he said.

When he was asked what he thought about possibly working on Apex Legends for years to come, McCandlish said:

"That's the dream project right there."

Apex Legends' Future

Needless to say, aiming for 10 years is ambitious. As Candlish mentioned, Bungie said the same thing about the original Destiny, but it just didn't quite make it.

Nevertheless, Apex Legends will stick around as long as players stay interested in it. In other words, the developers are in it for the long haul.

Apex Legends is already available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC as a free-to-play title. On an interesting note, developers told Eurogamer they "would love" to port it to the Nintendo Switch and mobile, but there are no concrete plans at the moment.

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