Slack Dark Mode Rolls Out To Beta Testers On Android And iOS


After launching dark mode for beta users on iOS last week, Slack now begins testing the feature on its Android version as well.

More and more apps have been rolling out dark mode recently. Earlier this month, Facebook Messenger also quietly introduced a hidden dark mode feature that lets users change the app's interface through sending a crescent moon emoji to anyone in their contact list.

How To Enable Dark Mode For Slack

First to find out about Slack's dark mode were 9to5Mac and 9to5Google.

Those who are interested in trying out the app's dark mode feature should first sign up as a beta tester. To join, simply go to the app's settings and tap on the Join Beta option, where a user will be asked to enter a name and an email address. Once approved, the app should then be updated to the latest beta version.

Those who already signed up as a beta tester can activate dark mode by simply heading on to Slack's settings menu and toggling the dark mode option. Android users will then have to restart the app to apply the dark mode settings. For iOS users, the app will automatically switch to dark mode interface after toggling it on.

Dark mode on Slack applies even on pop-ups and in-app menus. It also features a dark gray color, unlike other apps that use plain black color for the dark mode. Still, it's a welcome option, especially for those who frequently use the workplace collaboration app throughout the day.

Why Switch To Dark Mode

Dark mode features have been rolling out here and there, and there are reasons more and more apps are making this available.

For starters, dark mode interface is easier on the eyes and looks a lot sleeker, especially on OLED displays. Also, dark mode saves battery as compared to the usual lighter-colored interface that uses white or lighter gray color palettes, as confirmed by Google during last year's Android Dev, where they compared the power draw of using white in maximum brightness versus using darker-colored interface.

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