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Microsoft Teams Finally Gets Free Version To Better Compete Against Slack

Microsoft Teams has so far been available only for paid Office 365 subscribers, but a free version is now available at last. Here's what it has to offer and how it will compete against Slack in the workplace communication sector.

Microsoft July 14, 2018

Slack Went Down And Users Are Complaining About It

On June 27, Slack went down due to connectivity issues and took a few hours before being restored. Users from around the world vented their frustrations with clever posts on Twitter.

Apps/Software June 27, 2018

Slack Rival Microsoft Teams Gets New Features: Message Translation, Cortana Integration

Microsoft has announced new features for its Slack rival, aiming to improve the experience. Microsoft Teams is getting Cortana integration, inline message translation, cloud recording for meetings, and more.

Microsoft March 14, 2018

Hangouts Chat Now Available On G Suite: Learn About Google’s Messaging Platform For Teams

Google has finally included Hangouts Chat into its G Suite service, a tool dedicated to allowing teams to communicate with ease. It is its very own Slack competitor and comes at no extra cost.

Google March 1, 2018

Microsoft Rolls Out Massive Teams Update That Adds App Store, Slash Commands, And More

Microsoft has now officially released a massive update for Teams. It brings an app store, new app integrations, slash commands, and several other improvements that aim to smoothen collaborative workflows.

Apps/Software January 30, 2018

Facebook Workplace Now Used By 30,000 Organizations, Gets Its Own Desktop Chat App

Facebook is now boasting about having 30,000 organizations on Facebook Workplace, its own take on Slack launched a year ago. The business is growing, but can it outpace competitors?

Internet October 27, 2017

Amazon Interested In Buying Slack For More Than $9 Billion

Amazon is reportedly interested in buying Slack for over $9 billion and the idea isn't as strange as it looks. Here's why Amazon might be interested in the cloud-based messaging service.

Business Tech June 15, 2017

Microsoft Teams Rolls Out To Office 365 Users Globally: Should Slack Be Worried?

Microsoft has officially rolled out its touted Slack killer, Teams, to all Office 365 users. Its already polished experience despite being fairly new, coupled with the Office 365’s outstanding productivity integrations, could send Slack in a tizzy.

Apps/Software March 15, 2017

Google Hangouts Rebooted Into Slack, Microsoft Teams Competitor: Here's What Hangouts Chat Offers

Google has divided Hangouts into two parts, namely Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Hangouts Chat is groomed as a Slack and Microsoft Teams competitor, and here is what the app offers to enterprise customers.

Google March 9, 2017

The Best Productivity Apps Available For The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can help users be be mindful of tasks and reminders throughout the day, but here are the apps for the smartwatch to increase productivity to the next level.

Apps/Software February 9, 2017

PayPal Launches First Payments Bot On Slack: Sending Money Now As Easy As Typing Five Words

PayPal has released a new payments bot that’ll let Slack users in some countries send money as easy as typing five words. The feature, which can be installed now from Slack’s app directory, will make simple money transfers easier.

Apps/Software February 8, 2017

Best Productivity Apps To Help You Achieve Your Goals, Organize Your Work, And Collaborate With Your Colleagues

Productivity apps should work to ensure that you are more effective and efficient. This list includes the best apps to date, helping you accomplish tasks, take down notes, collaborate with your team, and more.

Apps/Software December 26, 2016

Slack And Google Bolster Alliance As Competition From Microsoft Teams And Workplace By Facebook Heats Up

Microsoft and Facebook threatens to dominate the collaboration platforms with their new solutions. An old-timer in this segment, Slack intends to push back through a partnership with Google, which will enable its users to access more productivity features.

Apps/Software December 8, 2016

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams vs. Facebook Workplace: Which Team Collaboration Tool Will Reign Supreme?

Slack is the reigning king of online work collaboration apps, but Microsoft and Facebook are not planning to back away from the competition with their respective Teams and Workplace platforms. With their similarities and differences, which app will reign supreme?

Apps/Software November 11, 2016

Microsoft Teams Gunning For Slack: Here's What The New Workplace Chatroom Has To Offer [Video]

Microsoft Teams just hit the scene as a new Slack rival, aiming to serve as the go-to place for office collaboration and organization. Leveraging the power of Office 365 and Skype, Microsoft Teams has some cool tricks up its sleeve.

Microsoft November 2, 2016

Facebook At Work Heading To Offices Next Month: Should Slack Be Worried?

Facebook at Work, a social networking platform geared toward social media for enterprises, is reported to launch next month. The service retains Facebook's familiar communication tools, streamlined for the workplace environment.

Internet September 27, 2016

Microsoft Developing Skype Teams To Challenge Slack: Bill Gates Gave The Right Advice

Co-founder Bill Gates opposed Microsoft's planned acquisition of Slack in March. He instead wanted Microsoft to develop Skype into a competitor in the collaborative tool market, and a report reveals that the company is doing just that.

Apps/Software September 7, 2016

IBM And Cisco Partner Up To Develop Watson-Powered Apps: Slack And Microsoft In The Crosshairs?

IBM and Cisco are combining their enterprise-related applications to produce highly efficient programs for the work sector. These app collaborations are expected to improve workflows found in an office setting to boost productivity.

Business Tech July 2, 2016

Slack Wants Users To Never Leave With New Message Buttons Feature

Slack launched a new button feature that allows users to complete tasks like hiring employees, booking flights and approving expenses directly from the messaging window without having to leave.

Apps/Software June 22, 2016

Slack Rolls Out Voice Calls For All Users After Successful Beta

Slack boosted its messaging platform with voice call capability. The company announced that mobile and desktop users will be able to initiate voice calls inside the app, with select users getting access to conference calls.

Apps/Software June 8, 2016

Google Spaces vs. Slack: Which Group Messaging App Has The Better Features

Google launched its new group-sharing app called Spaces. Here's how it compares with the group-messaging app Slack.

Apps/Software May 17, 2016

You Can Now Sign In With Slack On Other Platforms, As Work Chat App Challenges Rivals

Slack just added a neat new feature to its platform, allowing users to sign into other apps with their Slack credentials. The new Sign in with Slack option will allow the workplace chat platform to better compete against rivals.

Apps/Software May 11, 2016

Microsoft To Unveil New SharePoint And Roll Out OneDrive Integrations: Should Slack Panic?

Microsoft announced that it will soon roll out new features for SharePoint. The latest SharePoint features are expected to give stiff competition to rivals such as Slack.

Apps/Software May 6, 2016

Slack Plans To Introduce Interactive Messages, Streamlined App Directory

Slack has published its planned features on its platform for transparency and public viewing. Although target dates and committed releases are not indicated, users of the app can now access what the company plans to accomplish in the possible future.

Apps/Software April 11, 2016

Slack Adds 'Calls' For iOS And Android For Beta Users: Here's How To Use It

Slack beta users on iOS and Android will be able to call team members. Here's how to use the new feature.

Apps/Software April 11, 2016

You Can Now Order Taco Bell Through Slack's TacoBot

Taco Bell announced its plans to launch TacoBot on Slack, which will allow customers to place their orders for pick-up directly on the platform.

Apps/Software April 6, 2016

Slack Is Not Slacking: Now With 2.7 Million Daily Active Users And New $200 Million Funding

Slack now boasts 2.7 million daily active users with 800,000 paid seats, and on top of that, it just raised $200 million at a $3.8 billion post-money valuation.

Business April 2, 2016

Microsoft Drops Idea Of $8 Billion Bid To Acquire Slack Because Of Bill Gates And Satya Nadella

Acquiring Slack is no longer in Microsoft's plans, as the company's co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Satya Nadella do not seem to like the idea. About $8 billion was initially planned to make the deal.

Business March 5, 2016

Slack Voice Calls Start Rolling Out On Desktop: Here's How To Use It

The beta version of voice calls for Slack has rolled out to desktop users on Windows and Mac computers, and in Chrome. Through the feature, users can make one-to-one calls and group calls that can support up to 15 team members at a time.

Apps/Software March 2, 2016

Slack Announces Plan To Test Voice And Video Chat: Skype And Google Hangouts In The Crosshairs?

Slack VP of Product April Underwood unveils what the company has in mind for the collaborative tool, revealing that voice and video chat features are going to arrive in due time.

Apps/Software March 2, 2016

Microsoft Opens Yammer To All Office 365 Business Customers, Boasting 'Seamless Availability'

Microsoft wants to bring Yammer into Office 365 for business. The company announced that it is beginning to embed the social networking service into the productivity tool, reshaping the enterprise environment as we know it.

Apps/Software February 4, 2016

Skype And Slack Integration Now Available For Preview: Here's How To Do It

Microsoft is introducing a new integration between the popular video chat and voice call app Skype and its fellow messaging service Slack. The service will allow individuals to use Skype's voice and video call functionality from within Slack threads during team collaborations in the workplace.

Apps/Software January 15, 2016

This Is Why Everyone Is In Love With Peach, The Hot New iOS Messaging App

Peach is a new social media messaging app from the co-founder of Vine that has been getting lots on buzz on Twitter. We sampled the app, finding we could go for seconds.

Apps/Software January 14, 2016

Slack Introduces 'Do Not Disturb' Feature And Ability To Snooze Notifications

This way, you can always give yourself more time to finish your work without interruptions.

Apps/Software December 18, 2015

Not Slacking: Slack Launches App Directory, New API For Creating Bots

Slack, with 2 million daily users, is not slacking off in developing its productivity app. Slack has created an app directory that categorizes the 150 integrations available to the service, along with new APIs.

Business December 16, 2015

Slack Preparing For IPO: When Will It Go Public?

Slack, the popular messaging service for the workplace, is preparing for an Initial Public Offering. The company has kicked off an IPO readiness program and hopes to go public in the next 18 months.

Business November 25, 2015

Slack New Slash Commands Let You Hire A Lyft, Get Place Suggestions And Check The Weather

Slack adds in Slash Commands to allow users to access third-party apps and services on the team communication app. Users can now catch a ride, check on the weather and many more on Slack.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Slack Update Allows Users To Request Car Service, View Lunch Recommendations And Check Weather

The added features come as a result of the social messaging app's partnerships with Lyft, Foursquare and Poncho.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Slack Outs Diversity Report: How Diverse Is Its Small Workforce?

Slack aims to eliminate biases in the workplace by creating a stable and diverse environment for underrepresented groups. The company has published a diversity report on its own workforce.

Society September 11, 2015

Slack Introduces Emoji Reactions: Buh-bye Productivity, Hello Emoji Flood

Slack, instead of a 'like' button, released emojis into the workplace communication platform. This will allow users to express more emotions toward posts and comments.

Apps/Software July 11, 2015

Slack Hack Prompts Two Factor Authentication

Slack adds another step to its authentication process as it recovers from the massive attack on its central database. The company behind the team chat service also released a team-wide kill switch.

Internet March 30, 2015

Slack Technologies Hacked: 500,000 Emails Exposed

Slack Technologies has been hacked, exposing up to 500,000 users' personal information, including phone numbers, email addresses, Skype IDs and anything else that users may have entered.

Business March 28, 2015

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