There might be a good reason why it's taking so long to release the Samsung Galaxy Fold. As this alleged video of a Galaxy Fold phone in the wild shows, there's a crease running down the middle of the display when it's in "tablet" mode, right along the area where the folding mechanism occurs.

The crease is so pronounced that it is heavily apparent during the entire hands-on video. Samsung is using an Infinity Flex display, which, unlike most premium screens today, is plastic, and for good reason: the industry has yet to invent glass displays that are able to bend repeatedly.

Galaxy Fold Alleged Crease

While the video — picked up by SamMobile — uploaded on YouTube, from tech vlog phoneoftime, seems legitimate, all rumors must still be taken with a grain of salt. Samsung and Huawei are two of the biggest manufacturers with foldable phones, but smaller companies have shown off theirs as well — and more likely will arrive as consumers grow to accept and accommodate this new form factor. While it's a new concept, a number of critics have expressed potential drawbacks, including whether foldability is practical or just a gimmick, and of course, creasing problems endemic to foldable plastic displays.

Notch, Bezels, And More

Apart from the crease, the video also provides a glimpse of gesture controls built into Samsung's One UI interface. Also highlighted is the large notched area on the top right corner housing the front-facing camera and sensors. When closed — in "phone" mode — the bezels seem noticeably large, which is ironic since Samsung has achieved a great deal to have as little of them as possible on its other phones.

Tech Times and other publications have yet to verify the authenticity of the video. It's worth noting that it shows the boot-up process on AT&T and a bar code sticker on the back of the device.

Galaxy Fold Price And Release Date

The Galaxy Fold features a 4.6-inch external display, which unfolds into a 7.3-inch screen in tablet mode. It's got six cameras, two cameras, and a hefty price tag of $1,980. It'll be released in the United States on April 26.

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