Microsoft's upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser makes its way to the hands of consumers without an official launch.

According to reports, over the weekend, several file and beta-sharing forums and sites are found to be offering the download for the newest Microsoft browser, which is still under development. The leaked Edge installers have the version, which is a few versions behind the current progress of the development.

Nevertheless, it allowed users to take a peek at what Microsoft has been building over the past months.

Features And Feel

First-time users claim that the beta version of the upcoming browser looks and feels similar to Google Chrome. In fact, the browser has built-in Chrome extension support, which means users can search the Chrome store and look for extensions.

First-time users will also be asked to sync information such as favorites, autofill details, and even browsing history from Chrome. Browsing speed and functionality are reportedly very good, which reports claim are proof that the new Microsoft Edge browser is ready for launch.

Still A Microsoft Application

While the Chrome-based browser looks similar and feels similar to Google Chrome, Microsoft still made sure that it can be identified as a Windows 10 application. For instance, similar to other Microsoft apps, the upcoming Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge Settings tabs have a left-hand navigation bar. The company also included its own version of Google Safe Browsing named Microsoft SmartScreen.

Late last year, Microsoft announced that it started working on a new version of its Edge browser, which would be based on Chrome. This would enable the company to build a browser that supports open-source technology like the Blink engine, instead of the discontinued EdgeHTML.

While the leaks have confirmed that Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser is near completion, there are still no information when it will be officially released. Aside from the new Edge browser, Microsoft is also reportedly working on a version of Edge for Mac.

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