Elon Musk, the CEO of electric car company Tesla Motors, has a Twitter account that is one of the most interesting ones to follow for users. One of his latest tweets, in fact, proves just how interesting Musk's Twitter account can be.

Musk tweeted that Tesla Motors is working on a charger for electric cars that moves out from within walls automatically to connect to cars requiring charging up, likening the device to a "solid metal snake."

Musk followed the interesting tweet by also tweeting that the device will be compatible with all of Tesla's current Model S vehicles, in addition to all the future ones that the company will develop and produce.

As it has been described, once the driver of a Tesla Model S pulls into his garage, the snake-like charger will sense the car in the garage and automatically slither out from the walls and connect to the car's charging port, to make sure that the vehicle will be ready for the next driving session. Drivers will no longer have to connect the electric car to an electricity source manually for charging.

The device calls to mind the robotic arms of Marvel villain Doctor Octopus. Hopefully, Tesla's snake-like charger will be less menacing and more helpful.

The invention of the charger is likely on the premise to add more convenience for the current owners and potential owners of electric cars, as one of the worst things that could happen with owning one is forgetting to charge the vehicle overnight when it is needed to be fully charged for the following day. An automatic charger will eliminate the hassle of being late for work because a driver forgot to charge his Model S.

The idea for the charger is more realistic than imaginary, as in December, reports revealed the Series II - X125 system snakebot by OC Robotics, which can be used for a variety of different purposes. Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Lab has also been developing robotic snakes for the past few years.

While there are no details revealed on whether Tesla is developing its snake-like charger using these technologies, their existence lends credibility to Musk's announcements of such a project that the company is working on.

Other ideas that Musk and his engineering teams at Tesla Motors and SpaceX are working on include an interactive computer interface that is controlled by the human hand and the Hyperloop, a transportation system that can get people from New York to San Francisco in a couple of hours.

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