Unlike the Galaxy S-series, the Note lineup is always just one model — but that could change starting with the Galaxy Note 10, reports say.

After launching the Galaxy S10 in a number of different screen sizes and variants, Samsung appears to be implementing the same tactic for its other flagship line.

As ETNews reports, the Galaxy Note 10 will allegedly be offered in two different sizes, plus another model with 5G connectivity support.

Galaxy Note 10 Models

The report says the Galaxy Note 10 will come in 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch variants. That doesn't seem like a world of difference, but it suggests Samsung is trying to push the screen size as much as it can without essentially turning the device into a mini tablet

In addition, the report says Samsung might offer both those sizes with standard LTE and 5G, which means there could be four versions of the Galaxy Note 10. Stack storage options on top of that and Samsung might get a gaggle of confused customers.

This is still a rumor, of course, so it must be taken with a grain of salt. It's unlike Samsung to aberrate from its Galaxy Note lineup pattern; however, given how the Galaxy S10 now has multiple versions, it's not difficult to see Samsung increasing its Galaxy Note 10 offerings.

As for the other potential differences between the models, users could see just three cameras in the smaller version, while the bigger ones could get the quad-camera setup also found on the 5G version of the Galaxy S10. Other rumors point to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, between 8 and 12 GB of RAM, and the usual premium-tier specs. Apparently, it won't have any physical buttons, as well.

Samsung will probably make an official announcement this August, as it's done with past Galaxy Note devices. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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