Players Get Separate Loot In 'Borderlands 3' Co-Op Mode


The latest installment in the Borderlands series of games is coming out later this year. It will introduce not just new characters but new game mechanics as well.

In particular, Borderlands 3 will be adding a new co-op gameplay feature that is highly expected to improve the multiplayer experience for everyone.

In the previous version of the game, players had to split the loot dropped after firefights that occur in co-op mode. However, in the up-and-coming version, that is no longer the case.

New And Improved Co-Op

Indeed, it appears that the makers of the game have figured out a surefire way to prevent future arguments over loot between players in co-op mode by providing all individuals with their own loot stream, which they can keep all to themselves.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Gearbox Software's art director Scott Kester reveals the details.

"Regardless of your respective levels or mission progress, you and your friends can play together online or on the couch, and not only will each of you deal a meaningful amount of damage, you'll also receive your own discrete loot stream," he explained.

Will this change be enough to put an end to so-called loot ninjas? Kester seems to think so. He also pointed out that there is still an option to play with classic co-op rules from the old game, where players can just share the loot. Players will be able to choose between the two co-op loot rules.

Other Gameplay Improvements

The other changes, as pointed out by PC Gamer, include what has already been mentioned — a player will be able to play with whomever they want. That is, no matter what level a character may be and no matter how far a player has gone through the game's missions, they will be free to choose their teammates. When combined with the option to use all-new characters and fight with all-new weapons, these changes ought to bring joy into the hearts of old fans and newcomers alike.

All in all, it seems like the makers of Borderlands 3 have the right idea. They are introducing new things to the game but leaving the old options behind, in case players prefer the old way and aren't quite ready to dive in to the new stuff immediately. Based on all that is known about the game so far, there will be plenty of new stuff waiting to be uncovered.

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