Apple has added a new "Confirm Subscription" prompt that pops up right before users can finish signing up for a subscription, just to make sure they really want to.

Not only will this keep users from making accidental purchases, but it'll also prevent them from becoming victims of scams or shady practices of certain apps in the App Store that aim to trick them into recurring bill payments without their knowledge.

New App Subscription Step

As an addition to the whole App Store subscription process, the new confirmation step appears after a user authenticates using either Touch ID or Face ID when signing up for something.

Developer David Barnard first spotted the new prompt and spread the word on Twitter.

The pop-up message reminds users that the "subscription will continue unless canceled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends." This is important to take into account for those who don't want to be caught off guard with an unexpected charge on their account.

Apple Fights Against Subscription Scams

As mentioned earlier, the new feature seems to be part of Apple's ongoing effort to combat against apps that try to scam users into signing up for something without making the payment terms clear.

For instance, some developers offer free trials to their apps without telling users that they'll be charged afterward. Others would intentionally make the terms of purchase obscure by highlighting things like "Start" or "Continue," leading to users spending more than they intended.

As a result, Apple recently updated its guidelines for the App Store where developers are required to make the pricing clear to the users. Now the new "Confirm Subscription" pop-up message is an extra layer of prevention that could stop unscrupulous developers in their tracks.

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