Rumored 16-Inch MacBook Won’t Arrive Until Next Year, Says Ming-Chi Kuo


Rumors say Apple will release a MacBook with a screen that's around 16 to 16.5 inches, but noted insider Minch-Chi Kuo is now saying that it won't arrive until next year.

It was Kuo who broke the rumor that Apple was preparing a refreshed MacBook lineup, including the larger model in question plus a 13-inch variant with premium-tier specs. Kuo originally said these laptops would come out this year, but his latest update now pushes them back to 2020 or even 2021.

The report was obtained by MacRumors. It should be noted that translations of Kuo's note disagree on the exact date.

16-Inch MacBook Not Arriving This Year

If true, the delay certainly is disappointing, especially for fans who have been clamoring for a large-screen MacBook ever since Apple discontinued its 17-inch MacBook Pro models a while back. But the delay should perhaps come as no surprise. After all, Kuo's original 2019 prediction seemed a tab bit too early considering Apple's current MacBook design is barely three years old.

Still, a redesign seemed fitting, as Apple's MacBook have been the subject of intense criticism for their keyboard design flaws, overheating issues, and a number of other performance snags. Erring keyboards and the more recent "Flexgate" issue are just two among many, and it's not difficult to imagine that, rather than address this issue with minor hardware updates, Apple would instead release a completely redesigned lineup that clears all those blemishes altogether.

Is Apple the kind of company who would fast-track a product's design development just to cover previous issues? It's hard to say. Years ago, the Cupertino brand was synonymous with topnotch quality — now, MacBooks being plagued with a bevy of problems has certainly tarnished that sterling reputation.

Huge Display

Whether or not this rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is due this year or next, or possibly 2021, is not certain. But Kuo has often been right about Apple products in the past. There's still some good news, however. Kuo's other big prediction, a 31.6-inch 6K display with a "Mini LED-like backlight design," is still apparently on track to release this year.

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