A pork and beef processing company in Colorado has recalled over 14,000 pounds of raw meat after the products were shipped without proper inspection.

Denver Processing received an order from the Department of Agriculture to recall thousands of its pork and beef products after learning that these were produced beyond regular operating hours. The company also allegedly skipped the appropriate inspection procedures.

Denver Processing Pork And Meat Products

The issue was first discovered on April 10, after the Food Safety and Inspection Service received a report that Denver Processing had produced even after approved operation hours. This prompted the USDA to call for a product recall.

Before the issuance of the order, Denver Processing had already shipped the meat products to distributors in Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and other parts of Colorado.

The following are specific meat products affected by Denver Processing's recall:

  • Pork Loin Boneless Chop

  • Pork Loin Boneless Chops Family Pack

  • Pork Sirloin Boneless Chop

  • Pork Boneless Loin Top Loin Roast with the same sell-by date

  • Diced Pork Super Value Pack

  • U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Top Round London Broil

  • U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Chuck Pot Roast Boneless

All affected products have "EST. 6250" on their USDA-issued inspection mark and have an April 18 sell-by date.

While there are no reports yet of any sickness associated with eating the recalled products, federal officials warn that there is still a likelihood that consuming them might result in illness.

People who may have bought any of the named products in the recall have been advised to throw away the raw meats or return them to the store that sold them.

They can reach Denver Processing at (303) 778-3168 for more information.

Consumers can also contact the FSIS 24 hours a day through the agency's "Ask Karen" virtual representative.

Other Recent Food Product Recalls

Last month, Arkansas-based Tyson Foods was forced to recall nearly 70,000 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken strips after reports of metal pieces having contaminated the products.

The FSIS said it had received two complaints from consumers who reportedly found extraneous metal pieces in some chicken strip products made by Tyson.

The affected meat products included 25-ounce packages of Tyson's fully cooked crispy chicken strips, 25-ounce packages of fully cooked and frozen buffalo-style chicken strips, and several cases of Spare Time fully cooked, buffalo-style chicken strips. These were produced on Nov. 30, 2018.

There were no reported cases of people getting sick after consuming the chicken products. However, consumers were still advised not to eat the recalled meats and to have them thrown away or returned to the store.

Butterball Foodservice also had to recall almost 80,000 pounds of raw ground turkey products because of a potential salmonella contamination.

The order involved 16-ounce and 48-ounce plastic wrapped trays of Butterball's Fresh Ground Turkey variants with natural flavoring.

Other turkey-based meat products were also taken out from markets due to salmonella scares. These included 48-ounce plastic wrapped trays of Kroger Ground Turkey Fresh and 48-ounce plastic wrapped trays of Food Lion's 15 percent fat ground turkey with natural flavorings.

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