Sony has just announced a new line of 8K Android TVs called the Master Series Z9G, one of which is a 98 incher.

As revealed recently by Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 can support 8K resolution. Considering that 8K TVs are few and far between, this spells good news for those looking to buy the next-gen console, though the same can't be said about their price tags.

Sony's New 8K TVs

In a press release, the company unveiled the specs and pricing details of its 2019 TVs. Among them are the aforementioned Master Series Z9G.

According to Sony, they feature its Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that allows them to detect and analyze every object on the screen. As the manufacturer puts it, they've been "optimized to handle 33 million pixels of 8K." In addition, they also have Backlight Master Drive technology with full-array local dimming for deep blacks.

The smart TVs — in other words, Android TVs — come in two sizes: 98 inches (97.6 inches diagonal) and 85 inches (84.6 inches diagonal). They're expected to have Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support sometime in 2019 as well. Just to be clear, as 8K-capable devices, they deliver 7,680 x 4,320 pixels.

Prices start at $12,999.99 for the 85 incher and tops out at a whopping $69,999.99 for the 98 incher. In other words, they're not exactly affordable, but at any rate, they're scheduled to roll out sometime in June.

Sony also took the wraps off a dozen of 4K TVs for its 2019 offering, and compared with its 8K TVs, they won't break the bank.

PS5 8K Gaming

As mentioned earlier, Cerny divulged the first official details of the PS5. Under the hood, it's going to have an SSD with a higher amount of raw bandwidth than the current SSDs for PCs. It'll be powered by a processor based on AMD's third-generation Ryzen that's built with eight cores of the chipmaker's new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. As for the graphics card, there's also a custom variant of the Radeon Navi line that brings ray tracing support. With all of these, the next-gen console is capable of delivering an 8K gaming experience.

Cerny didn't say anything about its release date or how much it's going to cost exactly, but he did mention that it's going to be "appealing to gamers," unlike the case with the Master Series Z9G 8K TVs.

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