A bunch of new stickers that let people post quizzes onto their Stories just arrived on Instagram. Much like polls, which was added two years ago, quiz stickers come with multiple-choice questions that friends can answer.

However, quiz stickers are different because users can input multiple choices and actually set a correct answer. Friends may take part in quizzes by watching the Story they're on, and after choosing an answer the app will show whether they were right or wrong.

How To Create Quiz Stickers

To create a quiz, simply press the sticker button and select "Quiz" from the selections that appear. If there's no such option, make sure the Instagram is updated to the latest version.

From there, a quiz box will appear. Type in a question at the top of the box, and provide more questions below it. The user must have at least two questions minimum to create a quiz, but up to four may be included in a single quiz. After inputting all the answers, the user must then tap the "correct" one on the page. Once that's done, it's ready for publishing just like any Story.

When friends see the post, they'll be able to take the quiz. As previously mentioned, they'll immediately find out if they were correct, and their answer will also be sent to the original author so they can see how they did, as well.

Quiz stickers mark what appear to be another effort by Instagram to make Stories more engaging, dynamic, and interactive. Since launching the feature in 2016, Stories has become one of the most important elements of Instagram and is a huge part of what encourages people to keep using the app even if they don't intend to use Instagram's main features such as uploading photos or videos to the main feed.

How These Stickers Help Instagram

By letting users upload quizzes and allowing audiences to take part in them, Instagram fosters a sense of community among its user base, and makes engagement more dynamic than simply having users just watch Stories. As Search Engine Journal notes, when a user interacts with a Story, that sends signals to Instagram's algorithm. Those signals may then be leveraged to rank a user's Stories higher in the carousel.

Quiz stickers can also be used to help audiences get to know the user better and gain new followers. It also greatly increases the level of engagement with, say, a brand.

Quiz stickers are now available on Instagram for Android and iOS.

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