Startup Wants To Launch Dead Cat Into Space


A cat named Pikachu will soon blast off as the first cremated cat to be sent to space. The cat died in January this year.

His owner, Steve Munt, plans for Pikachu's remains to be released into the orbit around the Earth thanks to a company called Celestis Pets.

Final Send Off

"Pikachu will have a final send-off like no cat has ever had before," says Munt. "A portion of his remains, from his heart, will be launched into orbit, where he will watch over the Earth, and we can track his location as he showers the world with love."

The cat was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2018 and died the following year after fighting a brave battle against his disease in DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland.

He is now currently raising money for Pikachu's tribute in his GoFundMe page. As of April 25, he received $1,930 of the $5,000 goal, which is the cost for the Celestis' package.

Although he still didn't reach the required amount, Steve Munt already purchased Pikachu's ticket to space using his own savings.

According to Munt, he has already paid the service in full and signed the necessary contracts. He says he's still accepting donations from those who wish to be part of Pikachu's tribute, but fundraising isn't his primary goal.

Celestis Pets offers the Earth Orbit service, in which the remains of the deceased will be carried along with a commercial or scientific satellite. The remains will be dispersed on the orbit like a shooting star harmlessly vaporizing across the sky.

Munt told that he wanted Pikachu to be his first legacy as an explorer and to show the world that cats are as worthy as dogs when it comes to special tributes.

Animals In Space

The company already released two dogs named Apollo and Laika into space last 2014 and 2015 and they also started offering the service for cats.

While Pikachu is the first cremated cat, another feline by the name of Félicette was brought along in the Véronique AG1 rocket on Oct. 18, 1963. The French cat was said to fly nearly 100 miles above the Earth. Luckily, she was safely returned to the Earth by a little space capsule and unknowingly became a space cat celebrity.

Intergalactic Space Journey

Munt's love for space is what inspired the whole thing to take place. He also said that he wants to dedicate his love for his pet by sending him off to an intergalactic space journey.

According to Munt, he was a child of the Space Age. Explorer 1 launched on his first birthday, and the first chimpanzee in space was launched on his fourth. He has been following all space launches all his life, and now, he will be able to witness Pikachu's launch firsthand.

The satellite that will accompany Pikachu's remains is planning to shoot off in the next 18 months and his owner cannot wait for "Pikachu's place in the heavens as a guardian angel of this Earth."

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