A woman who was swimming off the coast of a Florida beach had no idea she had a close encounter with one of ocean's most feared predator.

Shark Circles Unsuspecting Woman

A man who was in a nearby hotel captured how the shark curiously followed the unsuspecting swimmer in a now viral video.

Stan Battles was in the 28th floor of a resort at Panama City Beach on Wednesday morning watching a shark swim in murkier waters staying mostly hidden.

He later noticed the creature swam into a clearer area when a woman swam by. It was during this time he decided to take footage of the shark following the swimmer.

The shark circled the woman who was not aware of what was happening. At one point, the shark swam far ahead of her and turned around toward her direction.

After a few minutes, people at the beach started to notice the shark. They began shouting to tell the woman there was a shark nearby and she had to swim back to the shore. This prompted the woman to go back into the shore.

The shark followed her a bit but eventually turned the other direction and swam away.

Battles, who showed the footage to the woman said, the woman did not realize a shark was stalking her.

"She never saw it," Battles said. "She was like, 'I think I'm done with the ocean.'"

The woman was fortunately safe and unharmed, when she got back to the shore.

Shark Attacks

Battles said he was glad no one was hurt, but the incident happened amid recent reports of shark attack.

On May 25, a 10-year-old who was swimming at a restricted section in Noumea, New Caledonia lost his leg after it was torn off by a suspected bull shark. The child suffered abdomen injuries. A 65-year-old man was also fatally attacked by a suspected tiger shark off Maui coast in Hawaii.

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