Sony has kept most of the details of the PlayStation 5 under wraps, but it hasn't stopped leaks on its potential design from getting released.

A newly discovered patent from the company offers a glimpse of what could be the development kit of the next-generation console.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to debut in 2020.

PS5 May Debut A Cooler, Sleeker Look

Dutch blog LetsGoDigital found the Sony patent application, which included illustrations of the PlayStation's potential design from different angles.

From these basic sketches of the console, which are believed to be its development kits, LetsGoDigital filled in the blanks and created 3D renderings to give fans a more complete picture of the PlayStation 5.

The results show a considerable departure from previous PlayStation designs with a sleek all-black exterior accented by blue lighting. There appears to be five USB ports in the front, alongside the various buttons.

It's important to note that the final version of released of a product do not usually look like the development kits. LetsGoDigital's color scheme could also differ greatly from Sony's plans for the new generation PlayStation.

However, the new renders from the PS5 illustrations offer a peek at the direction Sony is going with the upcoming console.

Additionally, the design has been confirmed by at least one person in the video game scene. In a now deleted tweet, Codemasters artist Matt Stott confirmed that the illustrations in the patent are actually PS5 development kits.

What We Know About The PS5

Sony has mostly been mum about its next console, not even confirming whether or not the PS4 replacement will be named PlayStation 5.

Mark Cerny, lead system architect of Sony, spoke to Wired in April about the new PlayStation, revealing a few details, such as the AMD chipset with a GPU that makes ray tracing possible. Ray tracing, which is commonly used in Hollywood visuals, allows for ultra-realistic visuals and audio. The new chip will also feature a customized unit for 3D audio for more immersive gaming.

Cerny revealed that one of the most important additions to the next-generation PlayStation is its custom SSD storage system that's up to 19 times faster than traditional systems. With this hardware that he described as having a higher raw bandwidth than SSDs for PCs, Sony expects a console that delivers a faster, more seamless experience than ever.

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