The PlayStation Classic, which originally sold for $100 but has since received a series of price drops, is now going for just $25 on Amazon and Best Buy. Needless to say now is the perfect time to buy Sony's little hunk of nostalgia.

Sony released the wee machine earlier this summer, perhaps in an attempt to nip on the heels of Nintendo's similar classic releases, which proved to be intensely popular. It's not certain if Sony received the same response, but given that the PlayStation Classic is now heavily discounted, it's hard to see if that's the case.

PlayStation Classic Discount

At just $25, the console is 75 percent cheaper than its original asking price, which makes it a steal, especially for those who've been on the fence about getting one. The retro plug-and-play console packs 20 beloved games into one small package.

Among these games are Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, and much more. Sony is currently developing a full remake of Final Fantasy VII, by the way. The console features an HDMI port and two wired controllers, much like the NES Classic.

PlayStation Classic Reviews

Reviews for the console were lukewarm at best. While some appreciated the included titles, others found it to be a tad too limited. By contrast, Nintendo's machine has 10 more games than Sony's offering. Several reviewers also noted the low visual fidelity and underwhelming quality of the controllers. Such woes are unacceptable for a $100 machine. But for $25? These issues are suddenly passable.

It's not clear if Sony plans on releasing a PlayStation 2 Classic, just as Nintendo released the SNES Classic after the NES Classic spread like wildfire, but that's not likely. Still, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more about Sony's plans with blast-from-the-past consoles.

The discounted PlayStation Classic is available on Amazon and Best Buy.

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