Google debuts a new settings section, "Google Play Preferences," which makes it easier for users to choose features on all apps with a single tap.

Now, there's no need to go through every app one by one to change a particular setting in all of them. Instead, the user can simply go to Google Play Preferences and make a single adjustment for all the apps in their collection.

Google Play Preferences may be a minor feature upgrade that's not as exciting as other recent moves by the company, such as the launch of the highly anticipated Google Play Pass, but it's a handy tool that allows for greater ease of use and convenience of the user.

Easy, Convenient App Management Via Google Play Preferences

According to Android Police, who first spotted the new feature, the Google Play Preferences section is in Settings under General. It's reportedly available to only some users for now, which could indicate that it's a server-side rollout.

There are four different settings users can adjust in this section: clear wishlist, which deletes everything on a user's wishlist; leave beta programs, for users to leave all betas they're part of instantly; unregister from all upcoming events; and unregister from all pre-registrations for all apps and games.

Every time a user changes preferences, Google Play will ask for confirmation and give them a chance to cancel.

While these options are not new in Google Play, the option to manage the features of all apps with just a few easy taps is new.

What Is It For?

The feature is especially useful for troubleshooting, according to Android Police. In the case of frequent app crashes, one way to get it working smoothly again is by leaving beta apps. With the new options in Google Play Preferences, a user will be able to do this in one convenient swipe, saving time and effort in the process.

Additionally, 9to5Google noted that the option to unregister for all events, apps, and games are likely to help users manage the large amount of content-related notifications coming from the Play Store as of late. Those who aren't keen on getting promo notifications can simply opt out of them without any fuss.

While the roll-out of the Google Play Preferences feature may be overshadowed by other major announcements, it's a nice addition to the company's services.

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