Diablo II
(Photo : Diablo II | IMDb) Blizzard is reportedly preparing an announcement related to the development of "Diablo 4" and the remastered version of "Diablo 2." News about the games are expected to be revealed at the upcoming BlizzCon event on Nov. 1.

Blizzard fans might finally get some news about the long-announced Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered at next month's BlizzCon, according to rumors.

Twitch streamer "Metro" recently tweeted about the possibility of the two video games being announced at the upcoming Blizzard event on Nov. 1.

While the post doesn't offer any additional details about the supposed announcement, it's enough for some observers to consider the news, given Metro's history of revealing previous BlizzCon rumblings that later proved true.

The streamer said the information came from the same source that told them about last year's planned reveal of new Overwatch hero Ashe.

Upcoming Diablo Games

News about the development of Diablo 4 isn't new anymore, especially since Blizzard itself confirmed that it was working on the game. However, what was surprising is that the company is also developing a remastered version of the massively popular Diablo 2, which will likely be for modern game consoles.

Fans have been waiting for some updates on Diablo 4 for quite some time, but Blizzard has pretty much kept a tight lip on its development.

Gamers got their hopes up last year when the company revealed that it was working on a new Diablo game. However, the announcement turned out to be for the mobile game Diablo Immortal, which was being developed by Blizzard in partnership with Chinese game maker NetEase.

Blizzard's seeming preference of mobile gamers over its loyal PC gaming fan base caused some players to accuse the company of neglecting its core supporters.

Improving Blizzard's Public Image

If rumors about Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered prove to be true, then they would help bring Blizzard back into the good graces of fans after suffering a series of public relations disasters recently.

The controversies started when Blizzard suspended a professional Hearthstone player for using the Grandmasters live stream to air his pro-Hong Kong protest sentiments.

The company initially banned the gamer for an entire year and took away his earnings from the tournament. However, it later reduced the suspension period to only six months and returned the gamer's prize money after fans decried the punishments as too severe.

The incident also caused gamers and even some Blizzard employees to protest the company's supposed unfair treatment of its fans in favor of protecting its own image, particularly in the Chinese market.

Blizzard has remained adamant that its decision to ban the pro player was based on competition rules, and that it was not done to curry favor with the Chinese government.

Blizzard's PR nightmare is reminiscent of EA's bingling of Star Wars Battlefront II due to the loot box controversy. The situation for EA quickly went from bad to worse, landing the company in the crosshairs of lawmakers all over the world and causing its stock to plummet.

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