71% of Ransomware Attacks Target Small Businesses: Are You Ready?
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Did you know that your choice of technology solutions provider could be putting your business operations at risk? You can protect your business from this growing threat.  

It's a dangerous world for businesses, with cybercriminals adding a layer of complexity to operations and infrastructure that can cause significant problems for IT teams. Of particular concern are ransomware attacks, that are growing in scope and frequency to the point that the average attack can cost an organization upwards of $130,000. This includes costs of discovery, remediation, notification to customers and lost productivity, but it can be difficult to quantify the overall business impact on future sales for lost consumer confidence, for instance. With towns and businesses across Texas still reeling from the aftereffects of recent cyberattacks, it's a good time to review your current cybersecurity strategies and partners and eradicate any potential vulnerabilities from your business.

IT services marketing High-Performance member, Shane Kimbrel of Dallas IT Support company Data Magic Computer Services offers great advice for small business owners.

Is Your Small Business at Risk of Cyberattack?

If your business has not already been the target of an attack, count yourself fortunate -- but don't pat yourself on the back quite yet. There is a perception in the cybersecurity community that small businesses are not as prepared to repel an attack as larger businesses, making these smaller organizations a prime target for hackers. In 2018, 71% of the organizations hit by ransomware attacks were considered small businesses but the ransomware demands were not modest. With an average ransom demand over $100,000, the level of impact on small businesses from ransomware can't be overstated. The majority of outbreaks are still caused by employees clicking on infected emails or ads, but there is a new attack vector that is extremely troubling to the industry.

Hackers Leverage IT Services Partners to Launch Attacks

Did you know that cybercriminals are now working through your IT services partners to launch an attack? These deviants have discovered that instead of targeting one business at a time, they can instead target service providers and gain access to a broader group of organizations at the same time. With the wide range of technical knowledge and solutions available on the market, it's vital that you work with a technology team that is fully focused on cybersecurity. Their ability to protect their own business platforms is a direct correlation to whether your business data and systems will be safe on their hosting platforms.

Finding Trusted IT Services Providers

Even the most tech-savvy professionals can find their services falling at the feet of a talented hacker, which makes it critical to ensure that your IT services partners are taking active security measures such as real-time monitoring. While it may be nearly impossible to repel every attack, having a partner that is proactively scanning their systems and those of their clients at all times can help reduce the repercussions of an attack through quick identification and remediation. Working with a team that invests in next-generation security solutions can mean the difference between a quick and relatively painless return to business -- and a protracted data retrieval process that has an extremely negative impact on your business operations and productivity.

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