CES 2015, the biggest tech show in the world, is just about ready to begin on Jan. 6 in Las Vegas.

Many expect the latest wearable technology devices to be among the highlights of the four-day event, as companies proceed to invest in what could become one of the most lucrative new spaces in the tech industry.

Wearable technology website Wareable broke down what consumers can expect in CES 2015.

Virtual reality headsets

Oculus, Sony and Samsung will be presenting their forays in to virtual reality at CES 2015, namely the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and Gear VR, respectively.

The Gear VR's Innovator Edition has been previously released into the public market, which could mean that for CES 2015, Samsung will be featuring new features, apps and games for the virtual reality headset. Perhaps Samsung will also provide hints on the next version of the Gear VR.

Palmer Luckey, the inventor of the Oculus Rift, will also be present at CES 2015. Luckey may discuss release dates for the Rift's consumer version, along with the plans of Oculus regarding its acquisition of the hand-tracking technology by startup Nimble VR.

Sony's clip-on smartglasses

Smartglasses such as Google Glass certainly has useful features. However, not everyone wants to be wearing such a device all the time.

Sony understood this concern by consumers and has developed the SmartEyeglass Attach OLED display module concept that allows users to clip on the device to any eyewear to turn it into smartglasses.

Sony will only be presenting the concept at CES 2015, not releasing the product. However, the company has hinted in a press release that the device could go on sale within the year.

Pebble's third smartwatch

While the launch of Pebble's third smartwatch has not yet been confirmed, it is an expectation of most because the company has released new models for its devices at previous CES events. Last year, Pebble unveiled Pebble Steel, which is an aesthetic update to its smartwatches.

Pebble's devices have been among the most popular smartwatches in the market, with reliable functions and a great battery life.

Tag Heuer smartwatch

Tag Heuer has previously announced that it is developing a smartwatch that will compete with the much-anticipated Apple Watch. Leaks reveal that the luxury watch company could be making an announcement on the device at CES 2015.

The device will reportedly be powered by Intel, but other details of the project remain scarce.

HTC smartwatch

Rumors have said that HTC will be launching a smartwatch at the upcoming CES. The initially planned unveiling of the device was back in October, but the date was pushed back to CES 2015. Details of the device are unclear though, as it could be a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

In addition to all these devices, there will also be wearable technology focusing on health and fitness, prosthetics and smart clothing.

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