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Tag Heuer Unveils Connected Modular 41 Smartwatch, Comes With 8 GB Of Storage, AMOLED Display

The just-unveiled Connected Modular 41 is a smaller variant of last year’s Connected Modular 45 by Tag Heuer, with double the specs and a crisper display. Pricing starts at $1,200.

Wearable Tech January 15, 2018

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch Leaked: $1,650 Price Tag, Android Wear 2.0, 'Swiss Made' Certification

After several rumors and teases, Tag Heuer itself leaked the details of its upcoming Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. Named the Connected Modular 45, the main feature of the device is its capability to switch to a mechanical module.

Wearable Tech March 14, 2017

Tag Heuer Smartwatch With Android Wear 2.0 May Launch In March

The Tag Heuer smartwatch will reportedly launch in March and not in May. The smartwatch is rumored to have a swappable watch case as well as an upgraded GPS module.

Wearable Tech February 19, 2017

Tag Heuer To Launch Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch In May

Tag Heuer is geared up to launch its second-generation Android Wear 2.0-powered smartwatch. Some significant updates are expected to make their way to the impending wearable when it debuts in May.

Wearable Tech January 20, 2017

TAG Heuer Ramping Up Production To Meet High Demand For Its $1,500 Android Wear Smartwatch

TAG Heuer apparently saw high demand for its Android Wear-powered Connected smartwatch and is struggling to keep up. The watchmaker will reportedly ramp up production to keep up with demand, and there's more good news in store.

Gadgets December 6, 2015

TAG Heuer Connected Vs. Apple Watch: The First Luxury Android Wear Smartwatch Goes Up Against Apple

TAG Heuer has finally launched its much rumored luxury Android Wear smartwatch just in time for the holidays for those who have $1,500 to spare for gifts. How does it compare to the Apple Watch?

Wearable Tech November 10, 2015

TAG Heuer Unveils Its $1,500 Android Wear-Based Smartwatch That Is Available Today In NYC

Known for its mechanical watches, TAG Heuer announced the launch of its first-ever smartwatch that retails for $1,500, available starting today in New York City.

Wearable Tech November 9, 2015

Tag Heuer Teases $1,800 Android Wear Smartwatch: Still Cheaper Than Apple Watch Edition

Traditional luxury watch maker Tag Heuer is making a wearable called Connected. It's the first smartwatch with Intel inside, 40-hour battery life and upgradeable parts. It also has a luxurious price to match.

Wearable Tech October 13, 2015

TAG Heuer Has Officially Announced The $1,800 Carrera Wearable 01, Its First Smartwatch

TAG Heuer has announced its first smartwatch, the Carrera Wearable 01, which comes at a cool $1,800. The device will debut on Nov. 9 and was developed in partnership with Google and Intel.

Wearable Tech October 1, 2015

Meet Carrera Wearable 01, Tag Heuer's Upcoming Smartwatch

Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver has officially unveiled the name of the company's upcoming smartwatch. The Carrera Wearable 01, leveraging Google and Intel tech, is expected to be a luxurious powerhouse.

Wearable Tech June 2, 2015

TAG Heuer Smartwatch Coming In November: Here's What You Get For $1,400

TAG Heuer, which recently teamed up with Intel and Google, is planning to launch a $1,400 luxury Android smartwatch by November.

Wearable Tech April 30, 2015

Tag Heuer, Google, Intel Out Luxury Android Smartwatch: Watch Out, Apple Watch!

Luxury watchmakers may have pooh-poohed Apple's foray into making a luxury smartwatch, but they obviously are a bit worried. TAG Heuer, Google and Intel are now teaming up for a collaboration to match Apple.

Wearable Tech March 21, 2015

TAG Heuer To Create Smartwatch With Google And Intel

Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is creating a smartwatch with Google and Intel. TAG Heuer chief Jean-Claude Biver made the announcement at the Baselworld watch expo on Feb 19.

Wearable Tech March 19, 2015

CES 2015: What Wearable Technology Can We Expect in Near Future?

Wearable technology will be out in force in CES 2015, with big names such as Oculus, Samsung and Pebble among those looking to make a splash in the industry.

Wearable Tech January 5, 2015

TAG Heuer Hints at Mechanical Smart Watch

TAG Heuer may soon become the latest entrant into the smart watch industry as the wearable market continues to increase in popularity. The company sees the latter part of 2015 as the probable date to have a working product.

Wearable Tech December 18, 2014

TAG Heuer plans to launch own smartwatch. What we know so far

TAG Heuer head Jean-Claude Biver, a well-recorded critic of the Apple Watch, said that the company is planning to launch its own smartwatch.

Wearable Tech September 15, 2014

iWatch Watch: Rumors swirl on design, form factor and size options

The iWatch tidal wave of hype continues as new reports assert the wearable technology will be available in three sizes. Sapphire crystal could be used on products in the high end of the iWatch line.

Wearable Tech July 17, 2014

Apple snags Tag Heuer sales head Patrick Pruniaux ahead of impending iWatch debut

With iWatch rumored to be on the production line, Apple hires a sales director from a producer of luxury Swiss watches. While expected to be a status symbol, analysts don't view the iWatch as direct competition to high-end Swiss watches.

Wearable Tech July 10, 2014

Why did Apple hire TAG Heuer's VP for sales? iWatch greatness, of course.

A TAG Heuer executive has left the company to join the ranks of Apple, presumably to bring the “Swiss-made” label to the long-rumored iWatch.

Wearable Tech July 5, 2014

Apple hires TAG Heuer sales director. Tick tock tick iWatch?

Apple has hired the sales director of TAG Heuer as it looks to label the iWatch as "Swiss made." Apple has been trying to lure top executives from high-end Swiss watch makers for months, but to little success.

Wearable Tech July 4, 2014

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