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Ring Fit Adventure is a new fitness-focused Role-Playing Game (RPG) for Nintendo Switch that involves a fresh breath of air into the company's physical health genre by catering to children and tailor-fitting it to adult's needs.

The game involves a leg strap for the left Joy-Con and a Ring-Con for the right Joy-Con. At the beginning of the game, you start by setting up info such as height, age, weight, sex as well as an overall difficulty by squeezing the Ring-Con and jogging in place. The Ring-Con, which you contract or expand, detects the motion of the ring with respect to the leg. It also determines how much effort you are putting into the motion.

Adventure Mode is not only for children

There are four modes in the game: an Adventure mode, a Quick Play mode, Custom mode, and a Multitask mode. The Ring Fit Adventure boasts its RPG-style of playing where at the beginning of the adventure mode, a character with customizable clothing accidentally frees a dragon called Dragaux. All throughout the story, the character and its' friend named Ring should reach 100 levels within 20 worlds to defeat monsters and reach Dragaux. Although adventure mode is targeted towards children, it won't hurt adults, especially gamers, to give this a try.

Furthermore, Quick Play mode is for people who want to exercise immediately and effectively. Moreover, it's for individuals that wish to exercise various parts of the body, wouldn't want the slow pace of an adventure-geared game, or on the other hand, want to target certain areas of your body.

Meanwhile, Custom mode, similar to Quick Play mode, completely customizes the exercise sets which can be beneficial for people who may have disabilities and injuries that need to build up their muscles - or prevent them from causing further harm. Finally, Multitask mode is used without using the screen, which allows the user to record the number of presses and pulls by doing other activities.

"I play Ring Fit Adventure to keep engaging with the fun and challenging blend of exercise and RPG"

Most reviews were met with positive and surprising reactions. Gamers and fitness coaches alike were impressed by the effectiveness of the game.

Aside from having washable hand straps for the Ring-Con, most gamers claim that Ring Fit Adventure does actually work compared to the Wii Fit. Gamers and fitness trainers agree that Ring Fit Adventure is a way of staying fit, especially for people who don't have time to go to the gym.

One criticism though regarding the leg strap where the Joy-Con is placed. During long sessions, the Joy-Con slips or falls out of the pocket. Another negative thing is people trying to cheat the device--but that's not the game's fault. Other than that, gamers and fitness buffs agree that Ring Fit Adventure is a fun way to get fit and healthy.

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