The New Razr
(Photo : Motorola Twitter)

Motorola finally revealed to the world a reimagined classic: The 2019 Razr Flip Phone. Sporting much of the design that was desired back in the early 2000s, the new Razr boasts the same form factor as its predecessor. While it's a bit wider than the original (a good 72mm), its folded thickness is pretty much identical to the 2004 original sitting at just 14mm. As a reference, the original had a thickness of 13.9 mm. Its front is made of glass while the back is made of polycarbonate.

Rumors and reports of the Razr reboot came in since early last year.

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Great both in and out

The outside still has its own small screen. Dubbed the Quick View display, the 600x800 resolution screen displays the usual time and notifications. It also doubles as the phone's screen when using the primary camera as for a selfie, which has a respectable 16MP f/1.7 sensor. For those who want to take a selfie with the phone unfolded, there's also a humble 5MP f/2.2 sensor on the inside, though Motorola suggests you use the main camera to do so. The Quick View display can also be used to navigate your music apps and to send quick replies to emails and messages.

Its all about the specs...or not

The phone sports decent midrange specs. The Razr only comes with a Snapdragon 710, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and a 2,510mAh battery. Motorola said that they went with this configuration to save as much battery space and life as possible to keep the phone as thin as they can. It comes with Motorola's 15W TurboPower fast charging technology and uses a US Type-C port to do so. As for connectivity, it comes with what most flagship phones come with: NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WIFI, 2.4 and 5 Gaz bands, and LTE connectivity. The phone comes with face unlock, but for those who prefer a fingerprint scanner, there's one situated on the hefty chin of the device. There's no news if they'll ever release a 5G variant.

The main attraction: The "creaseless" display

The main highlight of the phone, of course, would be its screen. The foldable pOLED display, which Motorola would not disclose the manufacturer, is sharp and vibrant. The 6.2-inch display comes at a respectable 2142x876 resolution in a 21:9 display ratio. As for why Motorola decided to go with a clamshell design for their foldable phone in contrast to their competitors Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, Motorola said that they're not trying to create a phone that folds out into a tablet. Instead, they wanted to create a much smaller phone that better fits in people's pockets. They've also created several prototypes to make sure that the closing mechanism of the phone is done right. Fans and owners of the Galaxy Fold are quick to point out the very obvious crease that appears when the Galaxy Fold is spread out. The Razr, on the other hand, has a special hinge that connects both halves of the phone, which also reduces the visible crease.

Don't expect the Razr to be cheap, though. Motorola has pegged the Razr at $1499.99 and will be exclusive to Verizon on launch. As far as foldable phones go, the Razr is still much cheaper than the Galaxy Fold ($1980) or the Huawei Mate X ($2600).

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