A new Pokémon adventure has arrived today in the Pokémon Shield and Sword forms. And the good news about this excitement is that there's already a great way to save on these much-anticipated Nintendo Switch games. Amazon is offering the Double Pack set containing Pokémon Sword and Shield on sale today for only $99.98, giving you a $20 saving of its regular price.

Opting for this Double Pack over buying any of the games "separately gives you few bonuses you won't receive otherwise, and today's deal" is like tearing every game for around $50 instead of the standard cost of $60. Essentially, RPGs mark a major transition for the franchise since this is the first time the "series has appeared on a home console instead of a portable one like the 3Ds or Game Boy."

The Double Pack

Double Pack is undoubtedly a good buy for a household that has two aspiring masters of Pokémon, whether they own one or two Nintendo Switch. The pack "comes with a copy of Pokémon Sword, and one copy of Pokémon Shield." Some Pokémon can only be retrieved in on or the other; therefore, having a copy of the two is the only strategy to catch them all. A player can trade in-between games, as well.

The only setback with trading between games is that the players need two Nintendo Switch consoles to do this. Fortunately, a few bundles will be available on sale during the Black Friday sale, which includes both original and the console's most recently upgraded versions. Both the Sword and Shield included in the pack "Take the bring trainers to the Galar Region, introducing a new Pokemon generation, legendaries, revamp Pokedex and battle mechanics."

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The Perks of Buying the Double Pack

Purchasing the Double Pack at Amazon earns you an "exclusive in-game trainer's backpack that you can't find elsewhere." Also, this latest Amazon treat is exclusively available with two codes for a Dynamax Crystal special product, which you can use in-game, too. You'll be treated to even more great discounts as the Black Friday 2019 approaches.

Here's an even more exciting Amazon treat: The Double Pack ships for free, although for those who opt to receive their order much faster can do so with a membership with Amazon Prime. Therefore, if you haven't been a member yet, consider the 30-day free trial to avail of the free 2-day shipping along with the Prime Video access, and exclusive discounts for members only, to name a few.

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