Mortal Kombat 11 Presents Its New Features for 2019
(Photo : Mortal Kombat) Mortal Kombat 11 Presents Its New Features for 2019

If you are an avid gamer of Mortal Kombat, you will definitely enjoy the newest adjustments that Midway Games have done in its latest and updated Mortal Kombat 11. 

With the main characters like Cassie Cage, Scorpion, Sonya Blade and many more, Mortal Kombat is never the same as back then especially with its Update 1.12.-- featuring what we called 'the bug fighter.'

Mortal Kombat: Through the Years

From its first release on Oct. 8, 1992, Mortal Kombat proved that gaming can never be the same as before. Ever since its latest release of Mortal Kombat 11 on April 23, it became better, smarter, and edgier for the fans of the classic game. 

Unfortunately, many fans of the game quickly reacted to the large and hefty memory needed for the game-- under 7gb for both consoles. However, Mortal Kombat said that the large memory needed for the game is essential in order to polish the game without errors and bugs fully. 

Introducing the Newest Mortal Kombat 11

Now that the game's under Update 1.12., Mortal Kombat assures gamers that they already solved each problem that occurred when playing the game. 

WIth the game's much improved AI logic, smoother gaming experience is now available to play. Mortal Kombat also releases new set of gears available to be unlock for each Mortal Kombat characters. 

Aside from this, Mortal Kombat also aims to make you feel like you are part of the game with the newest update in your favorite characters. Plus, an updated Johnny Cage voice for everyone's nicknames! 

Here is the list of updates from PlaystationLifestyle.

Choose your Character! 

Cassie Cage - Fixed a rare issue that could cause BLB-118 Drone to become unresponsive if interrupted during BLB-118 Energy Bounce or BLB-118 Escape. 

Cetrion- Conflux of Elements and Elemental Ring specials are now properly disabled when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator

D'Vorah- Fixed an animation issue when final hit of the match is performed with Infested

Erron Black- Adjusted Erron Black's proximity repel regions when performing Shoulder Shimmy (Towards+Back Punch) and Rising Outlaw (Down+Back Punch)

Frost- Fixed an issue with Ice Auger Krushing Blow reaction that was not allowing the opponent to Breakaway

Geras - Reverse Time can no longer be performed during an opponent's resurrection

Jacqui Briggs- Lethal Clinch Double Spear Knee and Cybernetic Override Cancels are no longer disabled when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator

Jade- Divine Forced Amplified will no longer sometimes be missing visual effects when it hits the opponent

Jax- Quad Grab's Power Bomb and Duck and Weave's Cancel Duck & Weave are no longer disabled when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator

Kabal - Fixed an issue causing Fatal Blow armor sometimes to linger when blocked for a few frames, which could allow it to absorb a Flawless Block Attack. Fatal Blow armor is now correctly removed when blocked

Kano - Blown Away (Towards+Back Punch, Up, Down, Back Kick) is no longer disabled when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator 

Kitana - Fixed an audio issue with the Follow The Leader (Towards+Back Punch, Front Kick, Back Kick) Krushing Blow 

Kollector - Damned Bola Cancel is no longer disabled when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator

Kotal Kahn - Yeyecame Disk Amplify Krushing Blow can now also be performed with Krushing Blow Held Check set to ON by holding the Amplify button

Kung Lao - Hat Toss, Guided Hat, and Possessed Hat now starts up 1 frame faster and had its hit region adjusted on the first active frame

Liu Kang - Adjusted Liu Kangs's proximity repel regions when ducking

Nightwolf - Helmsplitter Krushing Blow will no longer clip through objects in the corner of some stages

Noob - Fade To Black (Towards+Back Punch, Back Punch) had its hit region adjusted

Raiden - Lightning Strike now has 4 more frames of hit advantage, 5 more frames of blockstun, and recovers 2 frames faster

Scorpion - (Air) Hell Port Cancel is no longer possible when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator

Skarlet - Blood Ritual self-damage no longer factors in the opponent's buffs & debuffs. The damage to Skarlet & the opponent is now always based on Skarlet's buffs & debuffs

Sonya - Fixed a visual issue with Low Kounter Krushing Blow animation when performed on female characters

Sub-Zero - Fixed a rare visual issue with (Air) Ice Axe when performed repeatedly during gameplay

Shang Tsung - Screaming Soul Cancel is no longer possible when afflicted by Terminator's Incapacitator

Terminator - Slightly increased combo damage scaling on Infiltrator Toss Amplify and Albi Back Breaker Amplify Krushing Blow. 

For non-Mortal Kombat fans, you can easily join the team by installing the game in Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You do not want to miss these new updates that will surely kick you on your feet.

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